SNORE Rage At The River VIDEO


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Nice vid .


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Yeah the camera work is awsome. How do you have it mounted and control it? way better than just static mt cameras. Nice work. looks like a good race.


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Great video. Had some kick ass racing and some different camera angles.
Whats up with the 2 guys that got nerfed in the beginning? Did one of both of them lose tires? Looks like after they got hit the straps on both right spares got knocked off.


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Next level right there.
How are you panning on board shots?
Co-dog camera man? Talk about sea sick.


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That 2nd row that started day 2 was awesome, 3 top hitters in the class drag racing out the gate. I liked the move GKR put on Agius pre-turn @11:15...
Thanks for all the positive comments. Now on the design of the AK Productions 360 deg. roof mount. There is no control of the camera it is just designed to float around on the cab with a pretention so it dose not just spin in circles. It got some awesome shots it was like it was magnetized to all the trucks around it. It has 2 gopro hero 3 blacks on each end. I built the mount the night before the Laughlin race and never got to mount or try it on the truck until we got out there on Friday. I am going to make one improvement on the steadiness by adding a tube it will be out for BAP for some more great footage. If anyone is interested give me dimensions and I can build them for other vehicles for a reasonable price. The brushless 360 deg. mount is in the works with FPV.


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well now I know how my spare strap got broke, and red paint on the bedsides lol.Great racing and clean driving. Thanks!!!