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What a good time this will be! If you've never been to Snowflake, you're missing out. Bring your car on down (or up!). This course is fast and easy on the hardware. Just leave your Arizona-only equipment at home. Whiplash finally has a tech inspector. It's about time.

If you want directions, send me an email. It's gonna be a huge party too. will be pitting with the boys from Team Geronimo and well as two other Class 10 teams and the #1 Pro motorcycle (Todd Johnson), and the #1 ATV (Tony Pedotto). Come on out and join the party. I hope to see some of the fast AZ boys (including Rick Poole) there too. Last year the margin of victory was like 2 seconds.

From 6000 feet, 951


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You can't win 'em all!

The first day of September was nearly perfect for racing. Just a few sprikles the day before, and some heavy rain on Thursday, made for an interesting mix of conditions at the northern Arizona course. There were a few changes for the racers this year at "The Woodstock of Off-Road Racing." First, the infield section got a radical little make over. Gone was the smooth horseshoe shaped pit area. It was replaced by some really nasty whoops that insisted they were crawled over. Then, that was followed by a 90* right and more whoops. Also notably missing was the table-top jump as you return back to the course after the finish line. It was bulldozed flatter due to too many kids and dogs playing near by last year.

Another big change was that the limited classes were required to pass the scrutiny of a tech inspector. Whiplash seems to be the last promoter to finally have this. It's about time!

So, the less-limited classes hit the 30 mile course first, and gave it a good thrashing. Once their 5 lap race was over, those of us with more realistic budgets took 4 laps. Whiplash told us that Class 9 would be first off the line, but they started the Vintage class (both of them) first. Then it was Nollan Blackwell (991), Team Geronimo (997), Tim Hayosh (951), Red Burgin (902), and finally Michael Accordino (912). There were early problems for Team Geronimo as they lost a rear main seal after only a few miles. Once around them, the 951 of Tim Hayosh was in search of "Superman" in the 991. Tim caught Nollan and Debbie at about mile 14. After a few attempts to pass, Tim noticed that his right front tire had a really bad angle to it. Figuring it was a broken ball joint, he backed off and limped in to the pits. An unknown ailment took out Red Burgin, and he recorded a single lap at 37:38. Once back at the pits, a combined effort from Team Geronimo, Pop's Racing, and anyone else who happened to be near-by, got Hayosh back on the road after only 11 minutes down time. (The lower arm had slid out of the beam.) Assured that the repair was good, he hammered down and recorded not only 2 fast laps for class, but those laps would have put him 3rd in 1/2-1600 (Sorry, I couldn't resist!). Meanwhile, somewhere during lap 2, Nollan and Debbie in 991 broke a ball joint and had to get back to their pits for repairs. The TUF crew was on site and did a great job getting them back into the race. At the tail end on lap 3, The 951 car caught the 991 of the Blackwells. The 2 cars were nose to tail all the way through the 1.5 mile pits. It was quite a show for the spectators. Crossing the start finish bumper-to-bumper, both cars headed out to finish the dual on lap 4. Staying very close for the first several miles, both cars came to a 100* left turn at a cattle guard. Hayosh's brake pedal went to the floor; without a corresponding decrease in speed. Knowing he only had to stay within a minute of the Blackwells, Hayosh eased back and downshifted alot to make turns.

During the 4th lap the Blackwells too had brake problems. They managed to make contact with an immoveable object that really shook them up. It looks like the 2 leaders in the points race will both have new front beams in November.

Somewhere between here and the powerlines, the rear shock mount broke on Hayosh's car. While coming down a steep section of the PLR, the car hit a bump, kicked side ways, and threw the Hayosh/Bennett crew into a tree causing a bit of an electrical fire. Knowing his race was over, temporary repairs were made, and 951 limped (again) to the finish line.

Meanwhile, Micheal Accordino drove 4 VERY CONSISTANT laps to take the win. Congratulations to him and his team. did not get the chance to met him or get his story, but wishes him and his team all the best. Hope to to see you in Parker, AZ for the Grand Prix.