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so I've got a bad idea....


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I have a 2012 rzr 4. Its been a great little desert cruiser. I recently went crawling around calico with some jeeps and found the 26's it came on it really small in the rough stuff. So the bad idea is to put bigger tires on it. But is that just going to result in problems? Anybody tried it already? Thanks


jon coleman

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if they fit, run em, just remember that those small tires are the governer right now, bigger tires can go faster, raise c.o.g., make sxs handle a lot different.as far as driveline goes, im sure it will put more strain on it.im in same boat .i m thinking of going sxs route, i just wanna wait and see best used pakage scenario to get my hands on.hope that helped..
For several years ive been racing both a 2 seater and 4 seater polaris rzr xp 900 and the best tires have been the gbc kanati mongrel 30x10R14

Havent done any work on the clutches and handles them pretty well
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jon coleman

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key phrase,' havent done any work.', & that size handles the cocoa powder no problem?, .see , that size tire dosent need a friken warehouse and back brace to move around& store.