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So Sad!!!


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The majority of race teams are on there way to Primm about now. However, lets not forget about the ones that cant make this race due to the tragedy America is faced with. MarCourt's owner and D.O.R wont be able to make his flight from Louisville, Kentucky this time. In the mind of racers it seems like a tragedy itself. But there will always be tomorrow, next week or year to race. So when everybody is out on the race course or pits be thankful you can kiss your wife, kids or family goodnight.. #1019
See you all next race!!!!

MarCourt pit (Arntz) crew


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Also a mildly related story - Michael Andretti will not be at the next CART race in Europe due to the fact he is stranded in the US. This according to todays Press Enterprise.


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are you related to Roger Mc Cluskey..... I raced against (or ) with him

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Re: Mike

Not the Roger McCluskey you are thinking about, although I wish. Somewhere on our family oak tree is a branch that he's on but as far as I know we are not directly related. I do have an uncle named Roger who lives in Florida but he wouldn't know a race car if it hit him.
Did anybody here about Alex Zanardi losing both his legs today in the race in Germany? Below the knees on both legs I think. What a shame. At least he is alive though.