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SoCal Chassis Dynos?


I need to get my Bronco on a chassis dyno... anyone have a recommendation that is in the Corona area? Someone that actually knows how to use a dyno to make more power - not just read the pretty numbers back to me? I know the distributor needs different springs, the timing isn't making as much power as it could and I bet the carb could probably use a massage. If you don't really have any experience with a shop or know someone who does, please don't post. I've got a list of dyno shops, I just need to find a good one. Anyone know if I'll have to take the 35's off for the pulls? I've never had anything with 35's on a dyno. Any other pre-dyno run tips?


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I've used Steve Doze down here in san diego a couple of times to tune our 10 car. His shop is in el cajon and his dyno should be able to handle your 35's. He is a good guy that will be straight forward with you. I know he is busy...you will have to set up an appointment well in advance. I know he tweaks
on computer programs, but I don't know if he will want to get involed with changing distributors etc.
This guy tunes for Fortin, Sourapas, Harrold, among others. His # is (619) 449-3835.

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Thanks for the reply... I'd prefer to do the testing closer to home. Someone near Corona would be perfect. Westech sent me an e-mail update today stating that their chassis dyno will be up and running the middle of May... I've heard plenty of good things about Westech - anyone heard anything bad about them?


If my other "gig" doesn't work out that sounds perfect. What's the contact info? Also, any idea what his rates are?

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I met Steve yesterday and after talking to him for a couple of minutes and seeing his operation I got a very good feeling about his operation.

He seems like the guy that goes the extra mile to make sure it works.