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Soccer balls for kids in baja


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Last year we gave away SOCCER BALLS to kids all over the race course. We get them in boxes of 50- NON INFLATED which didn't take up much space and gave the guys in the back seat of each chase truck a hand pump.

If your team is interested in donating or purchasing soccer balls to give out, let me know. I am trying to get a bulk discount, and it looks like $200-240 per 50 balls.

The kids & families of Baja Mexico love desert racing and we love giving back to them when we can. This has become a great way to break the barriers between countries and put smiles on kids faces along the 800 mile long race course.



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Just spoke to the distributor in Socal and we can bulk purchase at $200.00 for 50 balls. We have received a little over $500.00 in donations on facebook and the teams bellow have matched it! find me on facebook if you want to donate.... steve tyo walker

On top of that these teams have all chipped in putting the total so far at 300 SOCCER BALLS!

"THE GRINCH"/ Zac Reish
DTR / Daron Rarden

43MOD will put the total at 350 soccer balls!
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Zac Reish

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We tried giving candy to kids but I’m really creepy looking and the kids ran. Kids like balls better. Way to go Steve!!!

McCredie A

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Great cause. I am not sure if I will be able to go this year. I donated incase I am not able to. Grab some pics if possible!