Soda off road racing game


Anybody still play the game?
I bought the game when it originally came out in stores back in 1997 and i have been playing it on a regular basis. There is no other game like it (well at least a few years ago).
Somebody started a tread on the game back in 06 but it doesnt look like anybody has posted anything recently so i figured i try and start another tread.
Would anybody be interested in tring to do an oline racing league with the game or some sort of racing tournament?


I use a $15 controller and it makes driving a lot easier. I got the keyboard figured out where i can used full hp with the 2wd trucks but never the less its still hard and i spin out occasionally

Frank Dux

New Member
Is it possible play in Multiplayer mode in TCP/IP (Internet) Connection? This mode runs very well? We can meet to run this Multiplayer race...