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Solitude Germany (Stuttgart) Non Points F1


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Somehow I convinced the "Stars and Stripes" (U.S. Military newspaper) to grant me a Press Pass to cover this race July 23, 1961. Diana and I had equal credentials (she as Photog/Asst) so she availed herself of the Tribune Box (Press Box with an incredible buffet table) while I was trackside.

The grid, even though this was not a points race, held some notable drivers. The front row: Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney (ostensibly the reason I was covering the race), and Jo Bonnier. The second row: Sterling Moss and Innes Ireland (eventual winner). Third row: Jack Brabham, Jimmy Clark, and Hans Hermann. Fourth row: Edgar Barth and Trevor Taylor. Fifth row: Carel de Beaufort, Michel May, and Mike Spence. Sixth row: Maurice Trintignant and Wolfgang Seidel. Seventh row: Piero Monteverdi and Roberto Bussinello.

Diana had a grand time in the Tribune Box. Being the only female there she was a hit, as you can imagine. After the race and I had taken a few photos of Innes Ireland (Lotus-Climax), Gurney (who finished third in a Porsche), and Jo Bonnier (second in another Porsche) I went back up to the Tribune Box to fetch my wife. She was being so well entertained that she was none to eager to depart.

Below is Sterling Moss in his Lotus-Climax, who, unfortunately dropped out after 22 laps finding it difficult to negotiate the tricky Solitude track with only two gears. I still have the negatives from this race, but this was the only one remaining of prints. I must print some more.

Allen R.


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What a treat to have been there! Early days of F1 racing, with Bruce Mc.Laren on the grid! Thanks for sharing A. you must delight us with more photos, please!

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