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Some Alesi Family Old School Photo's


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Great Photos Pete! It was fun following Mario around at Parker. I learned a lot about choosing lines that day.

Ol' Curmudgeon

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^^^ Photogs use to take photos right off the start, then rush to develop them, and return to sell 'em at finish or awards ceremony.

Retro Francis

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Todd, I think the Courier was a truck that the Alesi' built themselves. If I remember correctly Mario Alesi was the first class steward. And helped to make the rules for class 7.

Peter Alesi Jr.

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My son will be posting a lot more with time, I bought all the rights to my brothers and mines race photos and he has them all on a flash drive.
I remember very well, the first time I drove that truck. It was the first real race truck I ever drove and it was an amazing high coming from racing light air-cooled buggies to that Leon Patton fire breather. Not lifting between shifts took a minute to get used to...

I remember crossing the lake bed at Primm and getting blown sideways at over 115 by a huge dust devil...

It was hard to see it get "modernized" and lose that great look and and QE rear suspension.

Someone needs to restore it .

Peter Alesi Jr.

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Norm Francis who Mario and I race for now just purchased the Budweiser class 1 and will be going through a complete re-vamp. Mario should be driving it hopefully by the Vegas to Reno run this year.


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Norm got a steal of a deal. I walked up and asked about the car just as he was completing the deal. He is super stoked, and the car is in really good shape considering age.