Some SERIOUS talent!!!




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Absolutely amazing!


Dan McMillin's fan club


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^^^^x2. The first thing i said was bull spit, lol but dam they are good.

Mike @ pit b

I'm thinking Mike and too many people have too much free time.

Get a real job.
It's called "E-mail" Trey.

I know it's hard for all you old folks out there to figure out how the new-fangled "computer" works what with the "internet" and all, but I'm sure you'll figured it out. You did figure out how to set the clock on the microwave after all right?


randy s

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the sand art was awesome!
the sand artist was pretty easy on the eye too. how the h-ll do people find out they have a 'knack' for sand art? finger painting without paint. betcha she could really get creative with a table full of mexican silt if her fingers don't get stuck.