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Something silly for MXJEREMY...


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I just noticed what you had posted on our site's message board. This one's for YOU!!!

I'm confused!
I want to go punk but there's way too many rules.
Pardon me, Mr. Punker, I'm looking on some insight on the core that's right for me.
So tell me please, I'm down on my knees.
I like my beer; I like my steer.
I don't want any holes in my face.
I'm no queer.
I bought some docs. Black Flag rocks.
Like to mosh and crowd surf.
I wanna be unusual...I wanna be punk rock!
Should I be EMO and just cry?
Maybe I'll go skacore and skank until I die.
How bout hardcore? Really hardcore.
I f*cking hate that metal I failed spelling.
Sober vegans you all suck.
So what's your core?
You stupid rental.
You must be a riot girrrrl.
You're not very funny.
Hey nice tattoo.
Use some shampoo.
Rice cakes and soy milk.
Ska core.
Hard core.
[censored] core.
Alba core.
Can't take it anymore.
My core.
Your core.
That core.
One core.
I can't take it!

Phew that was fun!

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