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Sonora Rally 2018

Hog Wild

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The fourth edition of the Yokohama Sonora Rally Set to take place March 18-23, 2018

Entries open November 1st at www.SonoraRally.com.
Sonora Rally is open to UTV’s, motorcycles and cars (2wd and 4wd), including the non-racing Safari class.

Schedule of Events:
► Sun. March 18 - Early Reg, Rally School, Prologue Briefing
► Mon. March 19 - Registration, Tech, short Prologue race
► Tues. March 20 - Stage 1 race
► Wed. March 21 - Stage 2 race
► Thus. March 22 - Stage 3 race
► Fri. March 23 - Stage 4 race, Awards & Party

Yokohama Tire Corporation announced today a new off-road partnership: title sponsor of the 2018 Yokohama Sonora Rally. Welcome Yokohama to the hardcore Sonora Rally team! Press Release HERE.

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This year Registration, a short Prologue stage, and the start of Stage 1 all take place in San Luis Rio Colorado (just over the border from Yuma, Arizona). Activities begin at the brand new Hotel Araiza. The course from there on is still in the works, so stay tuned for other location details.




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Discounted entries are now open for the 2018 Yokohama Sonora Rally: ENTRY FORM
The rally will be limited to 50 total entries.
Entry fees go up to regular price after the first 20 paid entries, so get your entry in soon!
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Really proud to have so many Sonora Rally competitors going to Dakar. You can add Pete Mortensen to this list as well! We created this event so guys could practice and prepare, in addition give those who may never go a "petit" Dakar experience. Go get 'em guys!

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I just finished laying out the prologue stage. It's not very long, but I found enough minor tricky things to keep everyone on their toes. Here's a little HP (no road) section, with the shortest path in light purple. We'll see how good everyone is at dodging bushes while reading a compass and odometer at full race speed!


Fast forward to 09:50 in this video to see what it's like in this stuff:
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Sonora Rally quickly secured the "First 20 - Early Entry Fee" competitors, however we would like to extend the offer for those who are just returning from the Baja 1000 this week. Congratulations to all the teams who finished this year! THIS FRIDAY, NOV. 24th will be the final day to register with the "Early Entry Fee" at SonoraRally.com


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A handful of returning cars, several UTVs, and a bunch of motos so far. I think we'll get more cars in the next couple of days since most were busy with B1K until now.

The last couple of days I've been scouting new territory in Google Earth, and Darren has been down there driving some of those new places. The new terrain is looking really good. It's exciting discovering all these new places that have never been raced!

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Sonora Rally is looking for a few good men (and women) to help make this event spectacular! Check out the Volunteer helper opportunity:
Volunteer Signup

Some of the tasks we need done, skills we are looking for, and locations where we might need you during the rally are listed below. Clearly we don't expect you to match up with all of these, but matching several would be great!

► Spanish and English speaking
► Knowledge of local San Luis R.C. or Puerto Peñasco or Caborca areas
► Medical / EMS trained people on-course or ready to zip out to course locations
► GPS and computer technical helpers
► Social Media PR experts
► Start & Finish time keeping and organizing
► Checkpoint and highway crossing control teams
► On-course gate open/close teams
► Course sweep in highly capable 4x4 truck
► Bivouac facilities setup

I guarantee it will be an adventure of a lifetime! Just ask Craig:

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If you like the old Baja roads from the 60's, you might like today's Sonora roads. Each year we work hard to get you off the beaten path and onto roads and trails that have never been raced. We can't show them yet, but we've discovered some great new opportunities for 2018!

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With the Dakar going on, I thought some you might find this of interest. Sonora Rally is offering a navigation school on Feb.17-18 in San Luis Rio Colorado. It will give people interested in learning more about this type of motorsport a window into how it all works. We will also have Spanish language translation availble and a Sunday course for volunteers who would like to help out at Sonora Rally.

I am in Argentina for the end of the rally and will try to post up what I can.

Here is the link for the school on the website.
Rally School


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ive always wanted to do this....anyone with nav skillz and $$$$???.....i have the race vehicle....


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scott , is there a room code for the new hotel, is there safe parking for big trailers and chase trucks. ?
Are you kidding me! You guys are beyond mortal men! For those boys watching Dakar come down to Sonora and watch the Jorgensen team! This is the North American grudge match of North American rally raid of the century (that's easy to say).

Wonder if the Dogfart Buggy men are going to try and defend their title? Amazing they won seeing as they followed your tracks for 95% of the race and got hours and hours of penalties - That didn't make sense to anybody. They must have passed you just before the finish; perhaps on your 13th roll down the dune!

Dogfart is a killer bada## racer but seriously, last year didn't make any sense.

Regardless, kudos brothers. Gelandeventures will cover your back - even if we're not racing (our car was pretty reached after our roll), We'll be at Sonora.

You guys are awesome! Looking forward to some poolside greetings:)


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Second spelling correction "roached", not reached. Our rally raid G Wagen needs many more mods before we race again. The wives didn't approve the budget this year:(