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Sonora Rally 2018

Baja Dad

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It's a RAP !!!
What a GREAT job by the Crew at Sonora Rally
a big thank you to all the Crew members that help put on this event !!
Congat's to all the Racers

We at Baja Dad Race Prep had a great time
Started with 4 bikes and racers Ended up with All 4 bikes still running Strong and two trophies
George La Monte 3rd over all Honda 450X
Jason Lan Sprit Award Honda 450x
Phil Burns (EMT) Finisher Honda 450RX
Jason Jones (DNF) Hurt but not Broke Honda 450X
Bill Boyer Team Mechanic
photo is at El Golfo Sonora MEXICO
Snorra Rally Biv.JPG
Team "El Gusano" would like to thank everyone involved with the Sonara Rally. Thank you Scott for an amazing course. Those are some big dunes for a little car, but you also found us nice tight, smooth trails. Thank you Darren and Erin for such a great time at the event. Thank you to all of the volunteers that make the event run so smoothly and the G-Wagen guys for the Girl Scout cookies each day. Thank you to all of the other competitors for all the fun on and off the course and a big congratulations to the Jergensen's on a much deserved win.