Soon to be a better place to race...

Ghost Ranger 77

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please try to get as many people to sign this as possible.. tim radda is trying really hard to get something rolling and hes in pretty good with some of the surrounding citys. This isnt going to happen over night, i have talked with him a couple times and he is working really hard...

This has nothing to do with me. I was contacted by this person and i told him i would spread the word and do my part...


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Thanks for the link. We always need more places to race. I wish them the best of luck, based on my experience it is getting nearly impossible to find places to race around here. The BLM requires land studies for all races but then they don't have the staffing to complete the studies?


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signed it with interest. thanks for posting. It would be great to get more racing, desert or shortcourse.


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Signed and delivered, wish the state and people of Arizona another good place to race.


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Way cool Mammoth for the first race , I was born in San Manuel just down the road & have a lot of family there & in oracle. Info sent


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Signed!! Sure would be nice to have a descent series in az..


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So who is putting these on, and do you know where all they are looking at racing?

I would love to be able to race to the east or west.
This series is the brain child of Tim Rhoda. He's a 1450 sportsman truck racer from Tucson. He has been meeting with various local governements and BLM to start a new racing series in Arizona. As he got closer to nailing down the first race possible race location, Mammoth AZ, he started to call some of the old PRO Desert staff like myself.

In fact this week was the first I ever even heard of this series being developed. I am officially on board for race day operations, along with other past PRO Desert staffers.

The first race date is still unknown...most likely wont be until end of this year, or next. I will keep RDC updated.