Sorry to Kelly Boyle

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Kelly my boys just called me and wanted me to post for them that they are very sorry about taking you out of the race. We broke a cam shaft and they said it was like a parachute came out behind them and could only get the front of the car off the track.They could hear you coming but did not have enough time to safely get out of the car so they just braced themselves hoping you could avoid hitting them.They said they tried to get you going afterwards so you could get to a pit.This was truly a racing accident and they feel terrible.We tried to find you after they walked 5 miles and got to a retrival ride back to main but you were gone. We are very sorry to say the least.


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Not sure if she comes on RDC. I know her dad does not.

I heard about the accident but they never said they were mad at anyone. sounded like just one of those race things. You can call and talk to her or Richard at Motion Tire in Ridgecrest

Or come by at the PP race she will be running a Class 1 car
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