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Im sorry for asking questions on this place but I am new at this. I guess some guy 'shon ' is mad. Well in a general discussion, I would like to know if anyone knows someone I can ride in a race with. I would pay my way,trust me. I just want to know of someone who has knowledge of the sport;Im just talking a couple of races to get a feel of it.I went to shop talk but there is hardly anyone that is there. Sorry shon you made yourself verry clear. I will try not to bother you to much here. I just want to get involved in a race team to teach me so I can some day make my own team. Or be a part of one.

John Bitting

It does not appear to me that Shaun dislikes you. I went back and looked at the post and he was just telling you to post it in the shop section not general discussion.. Its only a guestbook try not to take everything too serious. You cant tell tone by typing and things always get blown out of porportion and misinterpreted.. Just enjoy the guestbook and get all you can out of it. I am sure you will have takers on that offer. People are always looking to share the expense with someone else..


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The best way to get into it, is to specate some races. Check it out, meet some people, and don't be afraid to ask questions about equipment, and componets on vehicles. Most all drivers and pit support guys are very approachable and will answer most questions you throw at them. The more involved you get, people recognize you more like an everyday appliance. Then maybe you can chase or pit for a team. Who knows what will happen. As far as getting a ride??? Get in line, everyone wants to ride in the passenger seat, if they can't drive. I know some teams will let you ride for a portion of a race, but it will cost you $1,500 or so, as if your part of the sposorship for the race. You should get a hold of this group called WIDE OPEN, and they take you down to Baja and its 4 days of Offroad on the Baja 500 course. You in an open wheel car with 20" travel, and your more likely with a Pro-truck driver. So you get the Offroad, and the Pot,Cot, & 3 Squares all in the package..


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I am always looking for eager people wanting to get involved. People that want to help out with the truck, go on preruns, help (chase and pit) at the races, people willing to chip money in to ride so we can race in more races and especially sponsors. You probably want to try and get in with a team in close proximity to where you live so you can be involved in all aspects but if that is not available we would be happy to help you out. That goes for everyone. Anyone that lives in the San Diego area and wants to become a team member/help out let me know.

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Hey George,
another angle here, the CORE pit club is always looking for volunteers
we can always use help in the pit areas

the More/Snore event coming up in November, we already have 10 cars
to chase, with 7 outlying pits

Its a great way to meet some dez people, & get some hands on pit experience
if you or anyone else is interested, contact me



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Hey George, didn't meen to sound biatchy....... sorry about that. Ask away! This is the place. You will get a lot of good info on this board. The guys (and gals) here have more knowledge than anywhere else on the net. No hard feelings ;)

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Here is a good example of "Get Involved".

Ricky Crumb & his girlfiriend Crystal show up at the '99 Fireworks 250 in their Blazer, they were recent imports from Illinois. They were at the Checkers RV (25th anniversary thing) the day before Contingency, & met George Seeley/Class 5. Next day, it was Ricky at Contingency, helping push George's Class 5. Well, 2 yrs later, Ricky (truck driver) built George's new body, & is George's co-driver. He was with George on the podium at the Primm 300, for their class win. (see http://www.airextreme.com/primm300/awards/awards.html</A>, click on the QT video). Crystal also wrote up a story of George's MDR race.

Just like that, a guy (Ricky Crumb) with assertiveness made it pay off. I hear that's how Curt Leduc got started, he went to a Baja race, hung out as a helpter, called his wife i Connecticut "We're moving..to Callifornia". The rest is history. That's how Dale White did his thing. He was hanging out with Don Adams/Class 3 (? ), & got on board with his team.

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-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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Hey George....If you interested in racing you should just go to some races. Hell, theres a Whiplash Parker race on Nov 2-3. Yes its short course, but its still fun. Send me a email and I'll hook you up with a pit pass and directions.


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George, your best bet is to meet as many Dez people as possible. A real good place to start is this weekend at the Dezert Cleanup. I met tons of racing people there last year. Believe me, you get some serious respect when other racers see you out picking up trash in an effort to help out the sport.

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George I tried to send you a message but you cant get them? No E-mail. Call or E-mail me.

Gabe Lara

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Now look at that, George!
Ask and ye shall recieve........ There are always teams looking for good help and involvement.
Thats what I love about this sport so much! You can get involved, and no matter what class, you can make a difference!


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george.... we always in need of help int he pits...after you get familiar with the car...you also will be in the codriver seat.... and hopefully that is what you'll do, with us or some one else.
Many people want to participate in the fun, but when work time comes along, they are gone...
We are in riverside. where are you from?

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