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source for metric bolts?


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Anyone have a source for metric bolts that you dont have to buy in quantity?

Im looking for (2) M12 x 1.75 x 90 hex (8.8) bolts.

They have to be fully threaded not 1/4 or 1/2 way threaded.

Cant find them anywhere. Only other choice is to thread my own (but since they are hardened bolts, it may be a bit difficult, without heading to a machine shop.

these are going to be used for torsion - bars so they have to be hardened.

Im in San Diego and have called EVERYONE down here.



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There is this place in San Marcos called Bolts 4 U.

Give them a call at: (760) 736-0010

I am not sure if they have them single or just in bulk but its worth a try! There name wouldnt seem to fit if they dont hook U up :)

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First off you can't cut your own threads. All good quality bolts have rolled threads and the shank is of a smaller OD so you can't just run a die all the way up to the head. Can you just convert to standard threads? That might be the best way to go? Does Aircraft Spruce have metric all thread? You might give them a call. Just some thoughts....



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I found some in a (M12 x 1.75 x 100) size so that will work. I need more adjustment out of the stock torsion bolt and its not long enough (only M12 x 1.75 x 63.5) I need the extra lenght for adjustment and the head needs to be ground round so it wont dig into the torsion adjustment shim.

Thanks all.
much appreciated


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I know your in an Diego, But RainbowBolt in Riverside has almost everything undr the sun you can imagine.

Rainbow Bolt
4030 garner Rd.
Riverside, Ca 92501

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i believe there is a nut and bolt supply place in corona called "mcfadden dale" in the industrial area and we have always found everything weve ever needed there

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True Value hardware store usually has all the metric bolts i need.

ALso, try Ababa bolt in San Marcos.

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