South Dunes Cleanup


Dec 29, 2002
We spent the day at Gordons Well doing the garbage pick up and I suppose that due to the forecasted weather not as many showed as I thought would be there. ASA did a great job, as usual and they gave away a pair of trick Bombardier DS650 quads. Obviously we didn't win but the raffle before the "Big One" was fun and lots of nice stuff was distributed, free lunch and great bench racing for picking up a couple bags of trash. We spent the afternoon chasing each other through the bowls and hills to Patton and over to Ogilby Road. You could tell by the courtesy shown that all were serious duners and not the idiots that leave the trash we picked up. Friday afternoon a motor home lit off from a gas leak at the gen set. Apparently the gas smell didn't seem serious enough until they noticed fire coming from the side of the coach. They ran around looking for water ...I wonder what was wrong with all the sand around?? Must have wanted to keep it clean!! Now they are faced with mucho dollars to cleanup and a motor home burnt to the ground! One nice thing we noticed was the trash isn't near as prolific. Much credit is due ASA, BLM and the general duning public. Hopefully the word is out but we can't stop now... Keep it clean and keep it ours!! The enviros look for any reason and we need to stay on the offense. It has cost to many dollars and personal time to bring it to even!!

Beach n Dunes


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