Spare Parts, Race Ready?


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For those of you racing a 7s or 7open Toyota:

What spare parts are you typically bringing to the races.
What parts are you typically replacing or fixing during a race?

I'm basically looking for the must have spare parts list for a 7s/7open Toyota (self financed) racetruck.

Any other (Nice to Have) items to bring to a race from a racers/mechanics perspective are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance........

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While not running a Toyota in 7s...Yet - but coming very soon, Will also be self financed

Here is my list of spares for rock crawling, pre-running & chasing in Mexico
* Spare main leaf - front & rear(leaf sprung 4x4)
* Spare drivelines
* Spare birfeilds (for straight axle trucks) and hubs
* Spare fuel pump, filter, ignitor, coil, ecu.
*. Spare Ubolts, droveline bolts
*. Steering arms, L, R, and tie rods, spare shocks.
* Spare oil filters - one loose rock can knock a pin hole - saw it happen in mexico
* Spare radiator hoses, belts, thermostat.
* Spare motor and xfer case mounts
* The usual collection of bolts, hose clamps, wire connectors, light bulbs, duct tape, tools. etc.
For IFS truck I would add:
Torsoin bars and rear mount arms.
All tie rods, relay rods, steerng components.
Other parts to consider bringing:
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Most of my spares are not new parts, but are good serviceable ones that I have lying around.

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The must haves:
Spare Tie rods
Spare Leaf pack rear/Torsion or leaf pack front
Spare idler arm
2 of each belt/hose
1 complete set of spare tires
Oil, Water, Gear lube

That is the bare minimum
We never had problems with u-joints or hubs
We only broke 1 rear leaf pack in 8 races
we bent but never broke a tie rod, but if we didn't have a spare, I am sure it would havebroke every time(murphy)
You have to be realistic in repair time versus taking the spare part. Some repairs will take more time that you have to race, so if you break it, you are done and taking that part was just extra to carry. Longer races give you moretime to fix stuff, and more time to break stuff, so parts availability for spares goes up.


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Pretty much everything but a motor and fuel cell and with the luck we have had a motor would be a good spare to have for us.

beams, spindles, hubs, rotors, calipers, radius arms, x members, transmission, coolers, 3rd member, axles, rear hubs, tie rods, tie rod ends, tires, bearings, seals, radiator, belts, power steering pump, PS box, PS ram, hoses, fittings, leaf springs, rear end housing, battery, alternator, race radio, driveshafts, ball joints,

pretty much everything to build a new truck besides a motor.

As for replacing during a race...usually is either 1st place or a blown motor!

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duct tape, tie downs, bailing wire, zip ties and of course a rubber band maby 2

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