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The day I have been waiting for finally came. I got a ticket by a parking pig for not having a front plate. This will be a 100 bone fine if I can't get it signed off. Have you guys had much trouble getting these signed off. It was for my front plate. Its not on there because I have a custom bumper. When I try to get it signed off should I just fasten it to the bumper some how.



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When I got a fix-it for the front LP before I went over to a cop eating breakfast (guess where...) that I saw in the parking lot after I surfed one day. I grabbed the ticket out of my truck and ran over to him and said I got this the other day will you sign it off for me? He just asked if I fixed it and sighend it. Didn't even look (I asked him if he wanted to see it and that's when he asked if I had fixed it or not and when I said I did he just said ok). I'd say zip tie that sucker on and hope for a cop in a good mood. Steve


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No don't use Zip Ties I try'd that with O'sides CHP for no front LP . The officer said thats not going to
work . He told me I had to bolt it on, he even made me buy a LP frame when I took it back the 2nd time to get it signed off. Oh yeah they even made me take off my BFG sticker I had the the windshield.


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there is no law for how a liscence plate should be secured as long as you have one. I go to the police station and tape mine on with dbl sided tape, then as soon as its signed off and I leave, i rip it off. I just taped mine to the skid plate, this has worked with CHP, and two city police staions. All they do is glance at it to see it one is there and then sign it off. Its not a big deal.

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Main Entry: Parking Pig
Pronunciation: ig-nor-ant
Function: noun
Usage: used by people who feel its ok to break laws
Etymology: Middle English pigge
Date: 13th century

Definiton: Parking enforcement doing their job

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i just go to my brother or brother in law to sign mine off but i aint complaining never had any problems


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I am going to court Friday for that long list of fixit tickets I got on the way to the Night Race!

Hopefully the cop wont show....if he does I am ready though!

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CHP is usually the WORST stickler for the code. When my ex got a ticket for no front LP we went to a cop (regular police) to have it signed off and they told us only the CHP could sign it off if it (the ticket) was given by a CHP officer. The cop said he didn't understand this and sorry for the wasted time driving to the station to talk to him (he also warned us of the "fun" we would have at the CHP office). The CHP guys come out and thoroughly inspect the fix it's. This guy even tugged on the plate to make sure it was on securely w/ bolts. Steve


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sigh . . . Frames and bolts are not required.

5201. License plates shall at all times be securely fastened to the vehicle for which they are issued so as to prevent the plates from swinging and shall be mounted in a position to be clearly visible, and shall be maintained in a condition so as to be clearly legible. The rear license plate shall be mounted not less than 12 inches nor more than 60 inches from the ground, and the front license plate shall be mounted not more than 60 inches from the ground, except as follows:

(a) The rear license plate on a tow truck may be mounted on the left-hand side of the mast assembly at the rear of the cab of the vehicle, not less than 12 inches nor more than 90 inches from the ground.

(b) The rear license plate on a tank vehicle hauling hazardous waste, as defined in Section 25117 of the Health and Safety Code, or asphalt material may be mounted not less than 12 inches nor more than 90 inches from the ground.

(c) The rear license plate on a truck tractor may be mounted at the rear of the cab of the vehicle, not less than 12 inches nor more than 90 inches from the ground.

(d) The rear license plate of a vehicle designed by the manufacturer for the collection and transportation of garbage, rubbish, or refuse and which is used regularly for the collection and transportation of that material by any person or governmental entity employed to collect, transport, and dispose of garbage, rubbish, or refuse may be mounted not less than 12 inches nor more than 90 inches from the ground.

(e) No covering shall be used on license plates except as follows:

(1) The installation of a cover over a lawfully parked vehicle to protect it from the weather and the elements does not constitute a violation of this subdivision. Any peace officer or other regularly salaried employee of a public agency designated to enforce laws, including local ordinances, relating to the parking of vehicles may temporarily remove so much of the cover as is necessary to inspect any license plate, tab, or indicia of registration on a vehicle.

(2) The installation of a license plate security cover is not a violation of this subdivision if the device does not obstruct or impair the recognition of the license plate information, including, but not limited to, the issuing state, license plate number, and registration tabs, and the cover is limited to the area directly over the top of the registration tabs. No portion of a license plate security cover shall rest over the license plate number.

(f) No casing, shield, frame, border, or other device that obstructs or impairs the reading or recognition of a license plate by a remote emission sensing device, as specified in Sections 44081 and 44081.6 of the Health and Safety Code, shall be installed on, or affixed to, a vehicle.


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That’s what I'm saying, if the cop pulls on the plate and it comes off, that’s his problem, not yours. Tape works fine if you are planning on taking it off again. Even if they know its tape there is nothing wrong with that. If they say that it might fall off, then tell them that it is secured now, and if it falls off later, than they can ticket you then. If its still a problem, tell them that according to the fix it ticket, you are required to put a plate on which has been satisfied, and if they don't like the way it is secured, that is a different issue, and to find the code (doesn't exist) that requires the plate to be secured with bolts and give you a ticket. Sometimes cops are just jerks, but most are cool, the only problem is that we don't encouter the cool ones!

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Let me give you guys a nickels worth of free advice. When it comes down to mechanical violations don't mess around with the CHP. If they say securely fastened, they mean securely fastened.

When they give you a fix-it ticket, they are doing you a favor. They are not obligated to give you a warning for no front plate, lack of tail-lights, of lack of off-road covers. The reason I'm giving you this info is that they can tow your vehicle without hesitation. All the officer has to do is declare your vehicle unsafe and your vehicle will be towed and impounded until you make the repairs. Once your vehicle has been deemed unsafe, you must then receive certification from the CHP to drive it on the roadway.

That's a bigger hassle than just taking the 10 minutes to grab 2 bolts and 2 nuts to fasten the front plate securely to the front bumper, skid plate, etc. Once you have your ticket signed off, remove it at your own free will.


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Come on this is XXXXXX If a cop pulls you over and does nothing more than ticket you for no front plate then put the damn thing on, permanently. I don't know about everyone on this board but I'd be willing to bet allot could be ticketed for many reason's that cops just let slide. Not all but most cops are pretty cool, and if we start acting like A-holes then they will too. Most of us don't have D.O.T seat belts, we have tinted windows, aftermarket exhaust, engine mods, wider front ends, and other things that we enjoy, and use. My point is if we start picking on the cops over the little things they will pick on us for the bigger ones, sooner or later we will be back to driving some piece of junk stock truck, and some will be walking!!

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exactly, i think its better to comply than to argue and fight it, if i ever get pulled over for no front plate, im gonna drill 4 holes in my skid plate and bolt it up, whats the big deal... and if i ever get pulled over for no mud flaps i will put them on... i just dont get why ppl have to make it so hard, its like they dont mind if someone ie a customer comes into their place of work and calls them an [censored], they would care... so does the cop.

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How about this for a start to the laughlin weekend, on Thursday night, my buddy and I with friends a good 3 min behind us were in his Big blue suburban on amboy road just before the 40 doing what the gauge said 87. He unlike I, did not slow for the oncoming car, only to find it had a red light on the dash, busted.
The "man" approached my side and asked what the hurry was, and we as most do made something up, and he said it is like this, I got you doing 105, you have no proff of insurance and I can take your truck and you away. We played it smooth and cooperated and he told us that becuase we were cool he was just going to ticket him. He got a Written for 105 in a 55 and no proof of insurance, which he has. The truck also has new plates that you get when you buy it new on it, has had them for a year and a half, to avoid further ticketing we told him he bot it in october but did not say what year, he took the paper work on the window, yet did not check the date and we avoided a no reg ticket as well.

If that wasn't a good enough coming down the road in NV next to the high school, woop woop, busted again, for 20 over. and it gets better, instead of trying to bs this one, my should be blonde buddy tells this one about the previous ticket an hour ago, so he knows that we, should stay slow, and this one said that he will not ream him like the chp but will give him another speed ticket with the insurance bs again. By then we realized it was beer 30

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Gotta be careful on that road up to Laughlin...a lot of it is Indian territory and I got pulled over there once when I was in high school for reckless driving. I got pulled over by an Indian in a Silver unmarked Dodge Ram for passing on the right in the dirt at 85. He let us go with a warning and said that it was Indian land so anything they say goes!

I appreciate cops but the CHP I am undecided, I think they do more bad then good...their job is to write tickets, but some tickets should take precedence over others. It seems they just do whatever is easy. I just wish that CHP ticketed more important things...the old lady going 30 on the freeway, the guy who thinks the freeway is a race course and can bob and weave in and out of cars, the car blowing smoke out the tailpipe, the old cars with no plates at all, people cutting people off, people driving in the emergency lane in traffic, broken tail lights, no blinkers, one bright ass headlight, babies without baby seats, 10 people in a ford ranger single cab, … the list goes on and on.

Speeding, no front plates, tinted windows...yadayadayada those are not reasons for getting pulled over. A friend of mine got pulled over for paper plates on the toll roads in OC and the CHP said “it looked dirty so I figured it should have plates by now” when all they really wanted to check was to see if they had their toll road pass…the time wasted by the officer for doing that cost more then the toll for the road!

If you want to pull me over cuz you think I am drunk...say so when you walk up to the window. Don't give me the..."your windows are tinted is why I pulled you over...so how much have you had to drink tonight"

Now why do I say their job does more bad then good? What do most people do when they see a CHP car or bike? They hit the binders, change lanes, get stupid and make it more dangerous then the leisurely fast flowing traffic that was taking place before the car or bike was spotted, but now everybody is paranoid because they can't get a speeding ticket and don't want the cop to be behind them so they will change lanes while not paying attention to anything other then the cop or they will put the horse blinders on and temporarily lose all peripheral vision to appear that the cop does not bother them and almost hit another car...it is just stupidity that overtakes some drivers on the road when a CHP is seen on the freeway. Then when the cop gets by, everybody stays back and goes 10 miles under the limit which causes more traffic and more opportunity for accidents. I deal with it everyday just like everybody else and just from observation only, I see that the CHP does more bad then good. If anybody here is a Psych major you should do a senior thesis on the effects of seeing a CHP officer while driving on the freeway and I put money on it that the results say that it is an emotion that effects their driving ability...it seems almost like people undergo paralysis.

I just wish people were not paranoid about CHP. With the tickets I mentioned above a CHP officer could stay busy all day everyday, not to mention the traffic accidents that have to be handled too. So why do they go after speeding? I am asking because I know there are CHP personnel here. My only highway tickets are for speeding and they were all going to races!

I am in no way bashing or bad mouthing the CHP, just stating an opinion and asking questions, but I know that when I see a CHP I do not feel any safer, I actually feel unsafe because I have to read what the idiots in front of me are going to do as they get stupid and slow down to ridiculous speeds. I actually feel safer with when I don't see a CHP.

Another thing that pissed me off and I expressed it as I drove by is I saw a CHP officer having a tow truck guy change his tire...so now I know that our tax money is going to pay an already overpaid state employee to sit around (he was actually standing watching, maybe taking notes for next time) waiting for a tow truck, then paying or subsidizing a tow company to change a tire when it could have been done in under 10 minutes himself, so I had to yell out "they didn’t teach you how to change a tire in training!" I know it was not the right thing to do and I felt bad after and will probably get a ticket soon, but I hate seeing money wasted and that was an udder waste of money and time. It is no wonder good ol Davis is raising the state tax 1 whole percent.

Somebody mentioned it on this board before that in some other countries all you have to have is working and properly adjusted headlights along with blinkers and brake lights and that’s all that mattered…smog, tint, lift, exhaust, speeding, front plate, etc…didn’t matter.

Again this is only my opinion and I hope I can get a response from some of our CHP folks out there to my posed questions.

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Kris- I am not a CHP, but I work with them everyday I am at work. You folks want tips on how to make you travels ticketless, here goes.
1- The CHP is not a Nazi when it comes to the speed limit. Every CHP I have ever talked to says the same thing, it is not speeding they are looking for, it is wreckless driving, but speed can eneter that equation. If you saty within 5 mph on surface streets up to 35mph and 10 mph on freeways up to 65 you will not get pulled over simply for speeding, especially if you are travelling with traffic. Most CHP won't pull you over for anything under 80 on the 70mph freeways, AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT DRIVING LIKE AN IDIOT TO DO IT! Weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, passing on the right are all things considered dangerous to CHP and that is what they are after. Most CHP do business with the following in mind, if it doesn't catch their eye, it isn't an infraction. They see thousands of cars everyday, so unless your stands out, you won't have issues. It is the sudden movements, don't fit in, look at me actions that they "spot" and now they have a target. No cop goes around looking for a missing front plate, but if you have no front plate and are speeding, the cop may be doing you a favor when all he does is give you the fix it ticket for the plate and doesn't write you up for doing 3,4, or 5 mph over the limit. WHY? These tickets are very hard to keep in court. Speedometers, different tire sizes, etc...all bring variances into the picture and if you got popped for 3mph over, and went into court and said your speedometer said you were travelling the speed limit, a judge would toss it and ask you to have your speedometer calibrated. So cops don't write tickets fro stuff like this, they consider it a courtesey call to let you know they are there and you are toeing the line.
As for speed, look at the history of why we have speed limits and you will be very surprised as to how they came to be. Many think safety was teh factor, but there are other reasons we have artificially low maximums set. like fuel consumption. I agree that 70 on the 15 or 40 to statelines is stupid, so do most CHP's, but 100+ is stupid too as long as there are other cars on the road. from 60-70 on down, newer cars are so safe that folks walk away from even head-on collisions today, but above 70, the cars will fold up around you. Airbags at those speeds do nothing more than help with dental records. I guess what it all boils down to are these, drive safely, and CHP won't fang you. Drive responsibly and CHP won't fang you. Drive with respect and CHP won't fang you. Drive without any one of these and CHP will likely look for the reason to make your day a bad one. They aren't bad guys, they don't cost you any tax dollars( contrary to what you think, CHP is self-funded, they and DMV are the only 2 state agencies that make a profit) and if you aren't looking for a ticket, they won't give you one.


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Many of you are saying that it’s just a small ticket, and to do what they say. Well I for one feel that that is the wrong frame of mind. I am very polite when I am given a ticket and that’s why I don’t get many. But as far as giving in to the small things, that’s where problems occur. When you give in to the small items, that’s mentally saying to yourself that it’s not worth the troubles to hassle with it, and that’s what they want. It will start off with little things and grow to bigger things. There is a code that says that any modification to a vehicle is illegal. This gives them the power to write you up for anything, which is not right. We as humans love to mess and modify with our dinosaur burners, and it’s something that we are all passionate about.

This government agency (Police/CHP) is like any other where they will keep getting more and more power, just like closing offroad land. First they call it a temporary research closure, which is accepted by the people, and then it turns into years of "temporary closure". Once we get use to not having that land available to us, they permanently close it. Look at the Oceano (pismo) dunes, that place years ago was freaking huge, and now it’s practically not worth going to, and they are doing the same thing to Glammis. This aspect of taking little by little is found in every form of government, and I for one don't let the little things go by without a fight, just as if it was a big thing! This is just my point of view, so don't take it personally, and I am not saying that you don't have the right to your own. All I'm saying is be careful what you give in to.

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"They see thousands of cars everyday, so unless your stands out, you won't have issues."

I agree if you have the average sedan and don't stick out that its harder to get a ticket, but this is the price that we pay for having our trucks. I think many of us who have prerunners (stick out by default) catch the attention of the CHP which makes them go over our vehicles with a fine tooth comb. I personally have been stopped 3 or 4 times in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Irvine (land of the rice rockets) without the incident ending up with a ticket. The cops kept walking around my truck trying to find something wrong. Don't get me wrong I was polite and they did not ticket me, but it was just a waste of my time. It seemed like they had prejudged me and looked for the proof after I have been stopped. It could just be that I ran into some anal cops that don't represent the majority, but they certainly do have a way of finding me.