Special Thanks-Powder Puff 09


Jul 11, 2008
HeRe, theRe..eVeRywheRe!!
Not sure who this special thanks goes to, but at the 2009 m.o.r.e. powder puff race, my car (#1351) in the first heat, lost 1st and 2nd gear at the start of my 2nd lap. We broke about 1/4 of a mile from our pit, but fortunately I was able to run to the nearest pit (not sure who's pit it was) but it was the last one in pit row...they let me use their cell phones to try and get a hold of my pit..since we lost radio communication. Not able to reach them, the guys from this pit jump started our car and got us running again, enough to get us back to our pit.. We got it fixed and was able to complete two more laps. Without the help of these guys..we might not have been able to continue before time ran out. SO, a special thanks to the pit (at the very end) for helping us out, we really appreciate it! :D