Spectating at Laughlin


Crayola Killer
May 11, 2001
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I talked with Sal, Officer Hood and BLM Ron today at Laughlin trying to get a heads up for the spectators for Laughlin. Here's what they said:

1. Poor mans hill is open to 4x4's only. You can walk up the hill, but only 4x4's are allowed. (due to 2wd's getting stuck and blocking traffic). Also, no motorcycles, 4 wheelers or unlicensed prerunners allowed....anywhere. It will be open to vehicles until BLM thinks it's too full. There is only one way up and one way down.

2: The spectator area along HWY 163 is also open, just don't cross the rope. Also, don't park on the "Runaway truck ramp", (I guess a couple people parked there last year, go figure) or your vehicle will be towed...DUH! No unlicensed vehicles there either.

3. Pits will be set up on the right side of the race track only heading up the graded road to the high school. Every team gets 40 feet.

4. Spectators in the pits cannot go beyond the rope that BLM has set up....same as last year really.

5. There will be NO SAND DRAGS (hehehe) in or around the spectator areas. I would suggest not taking off across the desert anywhere in a 10 mile radius of Laughlin....Metro will be a stickler on this.

6. BLM will be handing out trash bags to spectators, so please use them. Last year the hill and the area along HWY 163 was horrible, trash EVERYWHERE. Please pick up after yourselves or don't attend. Don't spoil it for everyone else.

Thats about it. Nothing out of the ordinary. I talked with them personally today to try and get as much info as possible to make it more enjoyable for all of us. If we all follow these rules, we'll all have a great time. Just use your head, pick up after yourself and drink responsibly. Have fun if your attending, see you at the Laughlin Leap on Thursday nite!

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