Spectating at the MINT400


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I have never been to the MINT race, and was wondering if there are any areas to watch race from that do not require a pit pass? Thanks in advance..



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there is alittle info on this subject in the "whos racing the mint 400" which is where i asked the same question and i was told there will be spectator area at the start/finish line and i belive i was told they are working on more spots with the indian reservation. i really hope its good spots to watch if not just give us X amount of race miles we can pick our own spot to watch. last year when i watched it the only place other than stateline was the jean dry lake and the trucks would come by at something close to warp 9. but it was just a boring flat straight road. if the indians open up alot of area for us to watch anywhere we want, im so buying all the fireworks, beef jerky i can afford at their shop so they keep having the race on their land!


there is a decent spectator area that is used for the snore 250 course and since most of that course will be used for the mint that will probably be one and i believe theyre working on more also.

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This one is going to be on the "REAL" mint course, not Primm. I fully expect the Indian Reservation will have a great spectator area, hopefully like the old days.