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On the long drive back from San Felipe we had a discussion about whether it's better to be a member of a team or just go to the race as a spectator. Each has it's own pros and cons but I wanted to see what everyone else thought. So, is it better to be a spectator or a member of a team? Who do you think gets to see more action? What would you rather do? Do you think it's better to stay in one spot and see a variety of racers or chase after your truck/car to help pit?

Just wondering.



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I think it is better to be a team member. Every pit is something different. If you are up in good time, you are able to be at the pits in time to see the fast guys come through. Just being there working on the trucks is fun. I went to this yeas Laughlin race as a spectator. I was bored. The race action was good, but got boring cause there was nothing to do but sit and watch. Ya you are not working on the vehicle all the time there, but sitting around was boring for me.


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Being a member of a team is the thing to do, you will learn more and have a lot more stories to tell . Gives you a good excuse to build a bad ass chase truck or pre-runner too !!!



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being a team member is the best! its way more fun to be included in whats going on then just watching from the side lines.

drive fast and take chances!!


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I don't know man, I sure did have a blast not being involved in the race this weekend. Probably one of the best ever. Very relaxing!!! Hung out with the teams but without all the pressure. It's fun either way though for sure!!!


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Its fun to be able to just hang out and watch the race becuase if you chase for a slower class car, you miss a lot of the race. However, if you are with a faster class, you see a lot more of the race. Personally, I think it also depends a lot on what race it is. Some are more fun to chase and some are more fun to spectate. Either way it is an off-road race and that means fun!

See ya in the dirt!


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I think that it is fun on both sides. Racing with a team is fun, but a different kind of fun. You get the adrenaline rush of the truck coming through and the competitiveness. When you are out spectating it is fun becasue you grab a camera and a cooler and go wherever you want and film, drink beer and BS with friends...no competition, no worrying, no ruined day by a broken or crashed vehicle.

I do the team/family/friends thing with all BITD races and I enjoy it very much. But then the MDR, SCORE, and a few Pro-16 races I roll out to party and go big with everybody who is there to do the same thing and I have no complaints on either so far.

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I started my Baja Racing passion as a pit crew member and shortly thereafter a Pit Captain for American Honda. It was a superb way to start out. Bruce O.'s operations are 100% first class. Best of all, you pretty much have a stationary pit due to the large amount of riders Honda handles. The action starts early with the lead bikes but, by the time the cars and trucks are coming by, you are able to relax and enjoy the race traffic.

Here's an old video clip from our pit location at the 1991 Baja 1000 at the north end of Laguna Salada.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://video.off-road.com/videos/1991win.mov>http://video.off-road.com/videos/1991win.mov</A>



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Well I have done both, I was pitting / chasing for a veriety of people for a bought the first 3 years I was into racing (Big Bob @ B&H buggies, Matt Vaughn, Jamie Cambel, & Team Vortec witch I thank you all very much for the opportunity to be a part of your team) .
It was defiantly very cool to be apart of the race getting the adrenalin rush chasing the trucks around the coarse jumping on them when they came in all in a hurry but still being efficient at the same time, VERY COOL. Just having the ability to say yes I have changed 2 rear tires and toped off a fuel cell in 27 sec just after the cheezball nascar commercial on tv is cool.

But it also kind of sucked because you mainly following only 1 vehicle, and you break your own stuff helping other's's race. If you want to race around so much you mite as well race yourself, you break a bought the same amount of stuff trust me (and towing from b-town to temec. isn't cheep. So all in all I didn't get to really see the race.

But if you are a stationary pit member then it would be the best of both world's get involved and watch the race.

Both are very cool I wouldn't have changed a thing. I urge you to do both if you have the possibility.

Just my 2 cents