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Alex has an opinion we should respect...he has been a gentleman over the years helping develop the XX with limited help from Textron/AC and has helped me along the way.
But he is a big boy- don't need to defend him...just sayin...


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Fwiw the XX delay was caused due to an axle failure rate due to the patented dual plunge setup (not the acquisition) - something they couldn't overcome on the 100k speedcats until they bolted the axle cups together through the transaxles. Ask Todd and Robby about the Durhamtown sink or swim test they were given after the acquisition.

The new anticipated date for the cars promised in november will be march at the earliest - Robbys words to multiple people at SSSS not my own.

Ill keep my remarks from here on out to myself so I don't hurt feelings. Wish you all luck with these cars.