Speed Technologies charges into May


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Jan 5, 2008
Potato Land
Within an 8 day time frame, the Speed Technologies team sponsored by Bully Dog Technologies took part in 3 separate off road racing events and at all 3 had amazing runs and stood atop the podium a number of times.

The 8 day tour kicked off in Arizona for the second weekend of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series. The team rolled in big with 2 Trophy Karts, 2 Unlimited Lites, 2 SuperLite trucks and one Unlimited 2 machine. Highlights after two days of racing for the team were incredible.
Mitchell DeJong landed on the podium in his trophy kart, though it was a rough weekend as he took a hard hit on Saturday but was still able to keep the little kart pinned for a 3rd place finish. New kart driver Wyatt had a decent weekend for it being his first time ever behind the wheel.
In the SuperLite class it was a father and son battle all weekend long and John and Johnny Harrah battled for the lead both days finishing one and two on Saturday. On Sunday, Johnny had a mechanical issue that sidelined him while John finished second. Also on the podium Sunday, finishing third, was Speed Technologies driver Chuck Dempsey, this weekend driving the Geico Powersports/E3 Spark Plugs truck.

The Unlimited Lite races were full of action and drama. Chuck Dempsey took a wild ride on Saturday as he rolled hard over the guard rail. John Harrah, driving the team’s second truck, had good and exciting races both days in his first ever Unlimited Lite race weekend.

Jeff Ward driving the Speed Technologies Unlimited 2 truck had a great weekend too. Starting on the front row Saturday, he battled with a number of drivers for the lead the entire race.

Six days after the Lucas race ended, Chuck Dempsey and the Speed Technologies crew were at the track again, this time at the Dirt Alliance race in southern California. Chuck was back behind the wheel of his regular SuperLite truck went out, dead set on taking the race win. After a long battle with a Pro Lite truck now running a small block V8 engine Chuck was the first SuperLite to cross the finish line and finished in second place right on the heels of the much more powerful truck. Meanwhile, some 800+ miles away JT Taylor, one of the staples of the Speed Technologies pit/chase crew was behind the wheel himself at the Temple Canyon hillclimb. JT took his amazing rock racer, sponsored by Tube Shark and Bully Dog to a huge victory in dominating fashion over some of the typical big boys of rock crawling/racing.

Eight days, 1600 transportation miles, a hand full of victories and podium finishes................. Priceless!


Sep 26, 2005
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