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Speedvision Primm 300 & Tonopah


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How about the new and improved intro to the Speedvision SCORE race coverage. Much better. Any thoughts on the coverage itself? It seemed to me like there was a few more camera locations than usual. An slight overall improvement in coverage compared to the past if you asked me. I think the way they aired the Primm and the Tonopah race back to back might have increased the viewership. Anything to attract new desert racing fans is good in my book.

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I wish they would air it a little more. I was gone deer hunting this weekend and missed it. I wish they would replay it a few times over the course of a couple of weeks instead of just on one weekend, like they do every other program. Same goes for their F1 coverage. They air it like once, and thats live at like 3:00 in the morning due to the difference in time where the races are. They should replay that a time or two as well. Nascar always does replays on tuesday nights for people who missed the race, and I think speedvision should take note.


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They had more areas of coverage, but they only followed the guys that finished well. What I'm saying is they never showed the Herder Car or other vehicles that could have done well. I would rather have had 1 hour of quality and quanitity, than 2 half and hour races sandwiched together. The only good coverage @ the Tonopah race was Jeffries stuffing the front-end on the hazard, and all the other cars in the same section, other than that, the Tonopah Race footage was pretty Terrible.


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I liked that they showed different classes(ie;7s) but other then that same ol lame commentary and lame start coverage.

On a similar note- I emailed Marty Reid a while back and asked what it would take to get all the old stuff (ie 1989-1996 SCORE seasons) shown on ESPN Classics but he stated they have no future plans to do that?



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i thought it was good but way to short. seems that it keeps getting shorter. i did enjoy getting to see more of the race from different points on the corse. i would like to have seem more of the other classes. i know that the trucks are what sells but it would be nice for those who tuned in for the first time to see that there is more than just trophy trucks and class ones.

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I thought the coverage was better than nothing. I always want to see more classes and more action. I was happy that my truck was on and they even said my name, however I was having motor problems and was slow and being passed by a class 1. I thought the coverage of Tonopah was very short and uneventfull.

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I know shoemaker does killer stuff, because at every BITD race they show a new hilight film, of the previous SCORE and BITD races. The footage is way killer compared to what gets on TV. Where all of this footage goes I dont know, but because of this I know that they do killer work.