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Speevision coverage of SF250


How was the Speedvision coverage of the San Felipe 250.
I know it aired at least 3 times by now and I missed all of them.

Is it worth staying up late for ?


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the next showing for the san felipe 250 on speedvision is this friday May 4, at 11:00am pacific time. (i think)


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I thought it was pretty good. they jumped around the course and made it a little confusing. They did show some 10 ,5 unlimited and score lite that was cool. overall it was worth watching .If you miss it altogether i did record it.


El Chinero

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I through that it was the best in some time ... with a large number of 10s plus Slik n Quik Vic Bruckmann's 12 and Tom Riding w/o a top. Plus Petey Sohren's 5 ... yeah, pretty damned bueno. And Jesse Jones' winning 8 truck and Turner, of course ...

The mistakenly called Chris Harrold's "Viejas" Ten as BMW powered ... that would actually be Martin Christiensen ... but whatever ... much improved ...


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The coverage was pretty good covering a lot of racing. I like the fact that they were not wasting a bunch of time doing "Bio" stuff like they do sometimes. But the lack of any Hilo coverage really brings the coverage down a couple of notches. Worth staying up for, yes, but then again any off road coverage is worth it to me. But on the other hand, maybe just set the VCR instead.