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John Bitting

What is crazy to me is all of these teams and vehicles that are spending loads of money and have not finished and or not finishing races. They are fast when they are running. I am talking about the Herder Truggy, the Wanzek ranger, I am not bagging on these teams what so ever, Just seems crazy to spend so much on the vehicles and gas and entries to not finish, must be really disappointing as a driver and a team.. Once bugs are worked out, they are going to be very fast vehicles in there classes.. When does one throw in the towel, or is because money is not an object it does not matter. Since I have never raced I dont know where I would draw the line, I would like to hear from people that have been through this type of thing..


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I have a couple of cents to throw into this one...since we only finished one of our first five races. We know, as I'm sure Herder etc.do, that if we slowed down our pace, we could finish just about every race. But, at least for me, that's not racing. In my opinion, if you are consistantly finishing races, you're not driving hard enough. Racing is about finding the edge and trying to stay on it. If you're doing that, you're going to cross over it a lot and break your car. The more time you spend in the seat and the more bugs you work out, the less that will happen. But still, it should happen. So where would I draw the line? When the money is gone or I'm too old to enjoy it I guess......

Matt Nelson
Team Kwik Racing


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John, Off-road racing like any DRUG!!! Like any addict, YOu go hard untill you hit rock bottom... But I do know how to make a million dollars off-road racing............START WITH 2 MILLION!!!!!!!!


Curtis Guise

you couldn't have said that any better.

John, read this if you haven't already. http://www.race-dezert.com/articles/curtis/index.html</A>
It's from the RDC articles page (which has my name misspelled btw ;) ) It was an e-mail I sent to friends after a race two years ago. And Klaus posted it on RDC....

I haven't raced since the last August MDR night race unfortunately. But I do have a little money in my account now, and the portion of my credit card bill that was race related is probably cleared up by now....

Who knows when I will race again. I have a cool truck sitting on the side of the house though. And it still hasn't sold yet either...


John Bitting

I have read it and was amazed what one person would go through to race. Pretty remarkable and that was before I got to know you... People should read it..


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OMG... I can not tell you how many times I have roller coastered on this subject: why am I working so hard to have fun? Then you break 30 miles into the 500 and say to yourself, F-it. I'm not doing this again. To much time, money and headache. My wife is ticked off, my kids miss me, my job is a mess when I get back. I only got to drive 30 F-ing miles! Forget it... Then on the drive home I find myself thinking " next time I'm going to do this different, next time I'm going to spend less (more!), next time I'm going to do this or that. " Next time! What next time? Then I concede to myself; THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME. Why? Because I like staying up late, driving all night, pouring race fuel on my body, digging in the 100 degree heat, burning myself with the torch, and sand in my eyes. WHY? Because I like off road racing. What can a guy say. It's in my blood! Little trucks deliver the blood from my lungs to my heart and to my head. GOOD RACING TO ALL !!!



Bruce, Right on. We have had this conversation many times and have been to the point of practically killing ourselves/eachother over getting ready for a race. Yet we are still friends and still love desert racing. How long has it been, 8-10 years? Victory is so sweet.


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This is a subject that makes everyone think . I know it's something that's been going through my mind for the last few races . After you spend all you can ( and even some money that you really can't ) , work countless hours prepping , and you DNF , it makes you sick . When the next race comes around though, you tell yourself things will be different this race . What else do I have left to break ? I've replaced everything with stronger parts . The truck is just about brand new again . What could possibly break now ??
At the end of the MDR season last year I decided to race my very first race . I had been prerunning most of the season for Julio Curiel and his class 11 . I didn't think about racing much myself . I was content prerunning . About the middle of the season , I was getting tired of the people that we were passing while prerunning in their race cars telling me that if I thought my truck was so good then why don't I enter it in a race and go head to head with them . Most times I blew them off , but after a while , it got old . That brings me back to the last race of the year . I had to race class 1400 because of the rear frame on my truck ( I wanted to run class 7 ) . The same truck had won the first five races of the year in class 1400 . I would've been happy just to finish anywhere behind him . Once I pulled up to the line though , things changed . I wanted to win now and nothing was going to stop me . I started tenth out of ten trucks in my class . Once the green flag dropped , I was on a mission . By mile marker four I had passed all the other trucks in my class . The race was the best thing I had ever felt in my life . The excitement , the fatigue , the whole thing . At the end of the day I finished first with a two hour difference ahead of second place . I thought I was invinceable . What can I say I was hooked . I then decided to race the entire MDR season this year . This year has been nothing but headaches and letdowns . Two DNFs and one DNS . I am now prepping the car for the Kartek 400 , and I ask myself every day if it is really worth it ? All my buddies went to Pismo Beach this weekend for our annual trip . It is a never miss trip for me . Well this year I'm missing it . I weigh it out all the time . It costs about four to five thousand to prep my truck for a race . Pismo costs about five hundred to go through it quick and it usually never breaks in the sand . After spending all the money to prep for a race things can be over quicker than you could ever imagine . One trip lasts four days , and one lasts a few hours . So why do we do it ?? It is something that if you've never raced then you'll never know . Once it is in your blood , you'll do whatever it takes to race . You'll go over any and every obsticle that gets in your way , just to make sure that when the green flag drops that you'll be there on the starting line . For me I don't see it as a drug or a vice . I see it as a way of life . Good luck to all racers where ever you are . Remember that making it to the starting line is more than most people can ever even imagine doing themselves . Some races are good and some are bad . Just being there for me makes it worth it . I'll see you at the Kartek 400 .

Dan Vance


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Has anyone ever done a study on start/finish ratio between the class's? I think that would be interesting to see.



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it is kinda funny that money has to equate with racing. there are many forms of motor sports where you can spend 5-10 k up front on a race vehicle, race it for about 2-3k for a year, and have all the fun competing you could want. then there is offroad racing. even the folks who think of everything, spend it all, and have all the support can bust at the starting line. offroad racers are definitely a different breed. we don't just race against each other, we race against everything that mother nature, father time, mexican spectators, and the federal officials can throw at us too! it is not about winning or losing(but winning sure helps fuel it) , it is about the fact that as human beings, we are participating in something that millons of others only dream about in a cubicle. whether its a 9 car or a trophy truck, just being out there doing it is better than any dream we can imagine.
the bad thing is now, the sport does cost quite a bit and that sucks for all those who want to live the dream but have to wait for finances to happen. even if you only do it once, you will remember it for the rest of your life. you participated, you competed, you lived the dream of others. if only we could bring costs down so more could participate and see the light, maybe we wouldn't have to deal with the land closures on such a wide front.

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