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Ok i know this has been talked about but i would like some personal opinions of a spool on street I have heard that you will break axels but from people that i know drive it on street say that you just gotta drive easier on corners and other misc stuff to that affect but my last question is what about driving it in the rain impossible or not thanks for your help

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my buddy had a spool in his bronco for little more than a year. he drove that thing everywhere. kinda tricky in the rain i remember when he first got it he spun out in a intersection making a right turn in the rain...good times. once you get used to the feeling of being a lot more careful in the rain, tires chirping around corners, i think they are fine. he had a nine inch...not sure if it was built up at all but i know he never had a problem with axles, just bald tires. he also got a lot of bad looks because everyone thinks your peeling out around corners.

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we had an old hot rod truck that we put one of the old race motors in. It had a spool and we had no problems with it at all. In the rain its just lots of fun. We also have a spool in our prerunner that is street legal. Never had a problem with that either.


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It's more fun to drive sideways in the rain anyways.


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It all depends on what type of hardware you're getting. If you get all the beefy stuff then most likely it'll be ok. You should however remember to settle the truck when you pull into parking spots though. Like after you pull in and have the truck straight go back and forth to settle it. That way it'll take the stress off instead of leaving everything under stress.