Sportsman Buggy Build


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After my last build I thought it would be fun to build a "race-specific" type car. I decided on a SCORE tagged Sportsman Buggy type project. That way, as money/time allows, my son and I can pick and choose which races look like fun to do; otherwise, we will be tinkering around Mexico. As with the last build, this will be built from "scratch" in the pursuit of "affordable" racing...:D:D:D

Here are a few older pics of the front suspension and general specs about the build. Still gathering some parts and should start the chassis by fall. I've noticed a drag on the time line since I am building multiple spares along the way. Any criticism is always welcomed...

2 Seat Buggy

Wheelbase: 114"
Trackwidth (outside/outside): 86"
Wheel Travel: 20.50"
Powerplant: 5.3l Chevy
Transaxle: Mendeola 2D / 934 Midboard CV
Fuel Cell: 35 gallon Harmon Racing Cell
Suspension Front: 2.0"coil carrier / 3.0" bypass
Suspension Back: 2.5" coil carrier / 3.5" bypass



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Always nice seeing actual part vs. the computer versions.. :) Looks good so far !


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Another fellow sportsman buggy driver....WELCOME. You'll have a great time racing in sportsman, everyone we race against are good people and willing to help each other out. As for your car, I'd say the only thing i would change is the wheelbase. 114" is not that long, I'd stretch it out to at least 118-120". Mines at 116" and it gets squirly when you get in the big stuff. Good luck and keep us updated.


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whats the powerplant gonna be?
Everything is either "in-house" or on order... the "parts" are:

Chevy 5.3l (with a few minor changes)
Mendeola 2D / 934 CV
Ron Davis Dual Pass Radiator (31 x 19)
35 Gallon Fuel Cell from Harmon Racing Cells (Dual 3.0" dumps and 1.75" vent/rollover)


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Still gathering parts, building the frame table and wrapping up front/rear suspension components... Its funny how the smaller the box a part comes in, the more expensive it is... On schedule to start the chassis at the first of the year.

Still need to weld in some doubler plates and miscellaneous but did a quick mock-up to "see" if my "computer world" and the "real world" were the same, thankfully, so far so good.

...Was very impressed at the quality of a Harmon Fuel Cell. Excellent customer service even if your just a "little guy"


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Decided to change the initial design of the shock tower to better incorporate into the chassis. If all goes as planned, should have the rear suspension done in a few weeks and completely "mocked"/bolted up... (famous last words...)


Zac Reish

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I saw this vehicle last night and some of the other work these guys do and all i could say is wow. I have never seen such good work done so quickly. I have no doubt that they will have this done and DIALED by the start of the race. These guys are talented.


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Zac, more than likely you must be talking about the FPO car... unless you were in my garage last night I doubt you've seen what Im up to.... unless...Hmmm, the wife has been "busy" lately...:D:D

One thing about using a computer to "help", it sure cuts down on alot of the BS...



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Did a final check to make sure there weren't any "issues" that would come up during assembly... thankfully, things seem to be going right. About at the stage that I am done with the front until it can go onto the frame table to do final fab stuff and adjustments. Now I just need to invest a small fortune in 12 point bolts/nuts...

as always, criticism is welcomed...

Trackwidth: 86"
Wheel Travel: 20"

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E&S Racing

Looks really nice. Keep it up


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The interior's layout has been finalized and the chassis fixture is almost complete. I am always amazed at the level of quality that comes out of R&I.... Craig and the guys over there always do an excellent job!

After talking about rear shock packages with Todd over at FOX and Michael at OffRoad Engineering, we decided to go with a 2.5" piggyback coilover and a 3.5" bypass... I figure for this "low-budget" Sportsman buggy that will be more than enough... (At least it started "low-budget" in my mind)



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thats some clean fab work, ill be watching this build, :)


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Thanks for the kind words...

Basically, still welding/getting the "parts" to make the "parts" that go on the car on my days off. This car will take a little longer on the front end as I will have everything that bolts on the car when the chassis starts rather than build the chassis and start getting the parts.

Next shock to arrive is the 3.5 bypass. Now that "FOX Blue" is a special order item and having the shocks built as I need them tends to slow the process down a little, oh yeah and $$$$ tends to slow things down too.:D