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spring rates


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Hey guys.

Looking for some help to work out spring rates for shocks. They are a 2.0 X 12 coilover and a 2.5 X 16 coilover. They are for a mid size tt but I have brought new springs so what would be the best way to do it. I can't move it to a weight bridge or don't have corner scales either.

Put any springs on it and use them as scales.

Put a 500 pound spring on it and if that compresses 2 inches then there is 1000 pounds on that spring - get the idea?


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I don't have access to any springs as the shocks will be new


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Take the springs you have an install them on the vehicle.
Thread the collars up or down until you're sitting at ride height.
Measure how much shaft is showing on the shocks.
Take the vehicle to full droop (with limit straps installed)
If springs are loose measure the gap between springs & nut
If springs are tight, measure top of spring perch to aluminum cap
Loosen the nuts until the springs start to rattle around. Measure from the top cap to top of spring perch

By knowing:
Shaft showing at ride height
Total shock travel (with limit straps)
Existing rates

I can tell you what rates you should have.


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Whoops, all I saw was that he had bought new springs that weren't right.

ut I have brought new springs so what would be the best way to do it
In the no springs case your best bet is to estimate sprung weight and motion ratio, and buy springs from someone that offers a spring swapping policy and can help you on the second go around.