Spring settings - what %


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For desert racing, what is the ideal % of up / down travel for leaf springs. Meanig at a static condition what is the idea amount of up travel vs down travel. More up than down, about equal, ???
For a reference my rockrawler is about 04/60 - 5" compression, 8"+ of droop.
Doing an extreme budget project using a 80 Toyota 4x4 LB (solid axle) for MDR 1450.
Going to use modified Toy rear springs / Chev springs. Just need to know a decent starting point for spring travels

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I talked with Jeff at Deaver a while ago about this. We were talking about a leaf running 18" and he thought 10" of droop and 8" of up travel was a good setup. I'm now running 62" that cyle about 21" and I'm probably going to have 10" up travel, 11" droop.