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Hello all,

I see my hubby on here all the time and it seems this is the place to go for truck questions.

I just have a quick question if anyone can help me out. My hubby is currently TDY so I wanted to surprise him with new springs because his others are not matching or bent. He bought them used so.....

He has a 87 F-150 and a 6 inch lift with 4 inch bent beams. He is slowly making it a trophy truck but street legal. I won't be putting them on just want to have them here for him when he gets back.

My question is ... Are all springs one size fits all or is there something specific I should ask for?
Just the basic spring itself, not the one that goes around the shock, though those are nice. Nothing fancy just whatever will work.

Also, off the subject, if I wanted to get fiberglass fenders for him, any good manufacturers?

Hopefully my terminology is not too far off from describing what I need..

I have till November to get this all done so no hurry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dzertracer’s *Wife*


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Camburg is a good shop for most all truck stuff try them or California Super Trucks. If not ether of them can suggest someone.



As far as the fiber-glass call Glassworks unlimited. I believe they are in Santa Ana they don't have a web site as far as I know.
These are just some people I have dealt with some may know of better shops.
Good luck &amp; I hope I get a wife as thoughtful as you some day!!!



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WHAT? TDY (military jargon for "temporary duty") till November? Is hubby by chance one of our gallant men in uniform performing work in the Sand Pit known as the Persian Gulf/Iraq area? C'mon guys, let's give our best support possible to one of our deployed guy's wives!

Dzertracer's *Wife*: You have the "second hardest" job as a military wife. What else can we do to help? Is he in Qatar by chance?



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Wife- Contact either Deaver Springs or National Springs. They will be able to set you up. You can access their information through the linkZ section up above.



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Thank you guys so much for all the input. Were both Air Force and yes he's headed to Qatar. We just had a little one so it was quite rough having him leave, on him and myself. Which is why I want to have this done for him.

He's worried he's going to come back and his truck will look like the one from Back to the Future! heh
I told him not to worry and that I was talking to you guys so.....

Again thanks so much
Dzertracer's *wife*