SS 300


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Was there qualifying?


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Kyle Jergensen 6144 1st 6100 and 5th overall. 6100's are getting fast. Started behind 28 unlimited's and 1 6100. The 6100's crew's are all super cool . Thanks guys for all the support.


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Anybody find a phone around the start? We were in 6103 and my sons friend dropped his phone and it tracks to Reno but nobody will answer. He had a lot of pictures on it we would like to retrieve.


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Kyle kicked ass. So fast. I guess the trick for a fast 6100 driver is come from TT LOL. Congrats Kyle and team.



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Congrats guys! Great run. Was fun battling all day and cant wait to do it again at V to R. We got the 2nd place thing figured out. lol


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Whoever gave me gas at PIT #4 after my gas can got removed, as well as who found and recovered my can from PIT#2 and brought it to PIT#3 and whoever gave me gas at #2.... I don't know or remember your names, but Thank You Very Much ! it was one of THOSE races, where you end up relying on other teams to even finish. This community for the most part is really tight and I appreciate it.