SS300 close call


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We almost had a bad day at the SS300. This was a really close call with a 4-wheeler. Glad we didnt cut this corner tight.

Zorba TT

[ame=""]YouTube - Silverstate 300 TT close call[/ame]


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Close call? That guy probably would have been dead if I was in my street truck. Thankfully no one got hurt, maybe he learned a lesson or he will show up on "The Darwin Awards".

jo maoma

he's saving up for a red 4 seat buggy so he can hang at plaster city.....

j/k :D


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What are all these funny looking buggy cars doing on my ole riding trail?!?!?


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What kind of camera was that? Looked Frikkin sweet. I think that guy must've thought the train was a' comin.


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That was a VIO with a really dirty lens. He was lucky that we were grabbing some H2O and cruising for a couple of minutes. It really supprised us, and almost stopped to check on him. I was really worried we got him with the back wheel. I looked back and he was like a deer in the headlights... :>O

Pee Wee

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I think I remember hearing about that on the radio, about a guy and his quad on course. What a moron.
Not everyone knows there is a race going on. Could have been a guy camping out there for weeks. Never assume you are on a closed course.