Stacker configuration


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Not sure if this the right section for this but I am looking for some input from people who have a stacker and haul at least one sand car and SxS. I could have sworn I have seen people put the sand car on the bottom and put the side by side up top but looking at the numbers I don't see how it could work. My car is 66" tall and the RZR is 71" tall. It seems like the only way it would work would be to put the RZR all the way forward on the bottom level (25ft trailer) and then put the car on top and raise it as far as I can. Problem is I would lose the ability to have any cabinets up front which I really don't want.

Anyways, I would love some replies from anyone with a stacker. What do you have in it and how do you have it loaded?

Thanks in advance, Blake


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The way ours is set up we fit 3 quads (4 possible) a 4 seat S&S sand car, and one rhino. It is a 25 foot box. basically theres a top level that does not move. So half of the top level stays put, and the other half (which is the front half) is basically an elevator/lift. 2 quads go on the top level stationary part. The rhino goes on the lift, which is then lifted about half way and secured there. Then the 3rd quad goes under the lift. The rail comes in last with the nose of the rail under the lift. Ill get some pictures if needed. Kind of hard to explain