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Stadium Off-Road Racing Mod for rFactor!!


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I've been meaning to post the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Racing Championship skins I've made for Leadfoot, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I couldn't wait to post this for you guys though. There should be some guys here who are into sim racing who have also driven a Trophy Truck or Stadium Truck. Please help this guy out!



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Just downloaded it and ran some laps. This is freaking fantastic!!! Just raced online with about 25 other drivers. It's better than SODA was any day of the week. Crandon and the LA Coliseum will be released soon too!


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Ok just downloaded RFactor, where do I find the off road racing?
Chula Vista?
Trophy Trucks?
I am green so please help a brother out?


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No problem!

Everything you'll need is here:

http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=ORR Trucks

Crandon and Chula Vista aren't released yet, but I'm sure the other tracks that are out now will keep you busy for a while. I'm not understanding why there aren't more here interested in this. It really is a blast and the response from the sim racing community is huge so there is quite a bit of further development going into it. I know the trucks look a little weird, but there is work going into a more realistic looking model for the next release update too. Let me know what you think once you get it up and running. Maybe if enough are interested I'll still set up that server for us to race against eachother on.


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I went to the link and registerd. What exactly all to I have to download? Is there a combined download or do I have to download the cars, skins and tracks all seperatly?


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This will get you started... It has the first track and trucks included in the pack. There's no install so you just decompress the RAR archive (Use TugZip or WinRAR for that) to the rFactor folder. The other tracks listed have been released since the original mod has been released so grab those too. Everything else you don't have to get like the skins and stuff.



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The tracks go in the locations folder once their unzipped. I think the locations folder is in the "General Data" folder or something. I can't say for sure cause I'm at work now, but search the rFactor folder for Locations and you'll see where they go. You'll see the folder for all of the other street tracks in there too. Setups will need to go into your user data folder for your profile. To make sure where you need to put them, create a setup in your profile (like "mysetup") and then search the rFactor folder for mysetup.* and you should find where to put them. It should be under the UserData\yourname\settings\track\ folder if my memery is any good.


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I've had a request to help with the install for those who are unfamiliar with rFactor in order to get the Off Road Racing mod working.

1)First get the ORR mod and tracks here

2)You will need a tool to decompress the RAR archive. Download tugzip here and install it.

3)Extract the archive to a folder on your desktop or wherever you are comfortable doing so. Ultimately you will need to copy the contents of the decompressed archive to the root of your rFactor folder. You could just extract the contents directly to the rFactor folder, but extracting it to a folder first will help you figure out what files make up the game in case you need to remove it for some reason.

4)Once the contents are in the rFactor folder, then go ahead and start rFactor (the licensed version, not the demo).

5) Follow the steps in the order of the images attached to select the ORR mod and then to select your truck, back out of those menus with by clicking on the same icon until you get back to the main menu page. CLick the CONTROL menu item on the left and select what type of event you want and then select the track you want to run on to start racing!

I should also not that you'll most likely need to calibrate your steering wheel and such to your liking in order to be able to drive, but you should be able to figure that out by using the Settings menu.

PS: Here's a new clip showing the new version they're working on (2.0). It's got a newer and more realistic car model (modeled after the Chevy). Crandon, Chula Vista and a few other tracks are being held onto in order to release it with the next version. I can't wait!