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Stadium Off-Road Racing Mod for rFactor!!


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I cant beleive I never saw this thread till now. I am so getting this, is there still servers to play on?


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does the $30 include unlimited on-line play?
Yep. Off-Road Racing 2 should be coming out at the end of July with a more realistic model and some more real tracks. There may still be servers out there, I haven't checked in a while. You can bet on there being lots of active servers when the new mod version comes out next month. If you guys want I can set up a dedicated server for RDC folk. Some guys out there are wickedly fast and have nothing to do but race sims all day so my server would be more of a newbie type while everyone gets familiar with the mod.


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Is the new mod going to have all the tracks on it, or are the tracks going to be seperate download like they are now?


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Can't say for sure what the maker's have planned. All I know is that it was mentioned that Crandon will be included in it.


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I paid my $40 in Jan, can't do anything but play the roadcourse. Somebody please help?


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I havent bought the new sim yet, but had a blast on the first ver of it. Been looking around Rfactor sites to figure how to get the mods loaded. Im not gonna bother even trying to start the regular just go straight to the mods. Here is were I found the mods, you will have to register to download or view any screen shots there.
http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=ORR Trucks
Here is a vid they have there, I traced the youtube link so everyone can see without logging in.
YouTube - Chula Vista ORR 2


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I am making one of the tracks for the ORR2 (Off-Road Racing 2) Mod for rFactor - Prairie City. The real track is located near Sacramento, CA. and raced by VORRA.
http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Prairie City

You will not be disappointed with the ORR2 mod if you like the ORR mod. ORR 2 is way better in my opinion. Some of the tracks coming out will not be so tight like the stadium tracks out now and you’ll be able to open up the throttle a little more. There is a post by MadCowie, the creator of the ORR mod, with some of the things to look forward to in the ORR2 mod here:
http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=ORR Trucks

Lately the servers for the ORR mod have been light, but once the ORR2 mod comes out at the end of the month (most likely July 31st) I am sure there will be a lot of servers that go up. I will more than likely run a dedicated server for a while after the new mod is released.

RacerX – At this point, I don’t think the mod will have the tracks with it. It will most likely be similar to the way it is now. ORR 2 mod as one download, then all the tracks will probably be separate. Due to it being a little confusing for new people, I would love to see them all packaged together in one download as an option but that's not my call. Plus all the tracks probably wont be done on release day for the mod. Prairie City will probably not be out until almost a week after the ORR2 mod gets released.

Tracks that will be available when the mod is released, or shortly after:
Bark River
Chula Vista
Prairie City
Antelope Valley Fairgrounds
ORR G. Helen
And a few others that you can look up at www.rfactorcentral.com. Look under WIPS, then Tracks. These are the tracks that are currently under construction and you will be able to find some of the other Off-Road tracks that are in the works.

If you have the ORR mod already, be sure to get the track Barking Creek to get a taste of what is coming. It is out now and it is based on the layout for Bark River, but not the official Bark River track. http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Barking Creek

For more information or to buy the game rFactor, visit:
You can also buy the game here (At the moment: $34.90):

For Mods and add-ons for the game, visit here:

Harpo – Did you download the ORR mod? You need to download it at
www.rfactorcentral.com and then extract it to the game.

200MPH – You should be able to download and extract the contents of the orrversion1.rar file to the rfactor folder. You can use the program ExtractNow to extract .rar files. Do a google search for it if you need to. Then download the tracks that you want and extract the track(s) to the rfactor\game data\locations folder. Let me know if you need more help.


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Hello, I cant get the link to work for the orr 1.0 track pack, please help me, I gotta have those stadium tracks, Thanks


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Ok scratch builders, meaning metal caged rigs: There is going to be a get together this fall, date and location to be determined for a little "unorganized racing". If you follow the rc trophy truck and class 1 world, everybody who is anybody for the most part will be there. Check instagram under #customrctrophytruck, look for a pic of my computer screen. ( Easiest way to find it! ) You'll be in the loop after reading that. So if you have a scratch build TT or class 1 car ( there are a few ), come be a part of the fun. May be open to more vehicles types like Axial TTs or U4 rigs.


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Mac , just came up with an awesome idea you need to do the original red and white LandShark scheme on your truggy . It would look sooooo cool .