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Starter issue - LS2/Fortin transmission


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Im having a issue starting my car. 3 out of 4 times when I go to start the car it sounds as if the starter is pushing out right to the flywheel, not engaging, and spinning against the flywheel. The only way I can get the car started is to put it in gear and rock it - take it back out of gear and hope that it will start up. I'm running a LS2 engine with a Fortin 4 speed transmission. I'm running a brand new Hi-Torque IMI-101N starter. I'm running a brand new Tilton flywheel (51-5064, Chevy LS, VW ring, 7.25", Step). Fortin recommended running new Tilton starter in it but I don't have the clearance to run one.

Can anyone give me some advice? I'm really frustrated with it!


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Two things come to mind.... Usually this is caused by a bad spot in the ring gear.... It could also be a sluggish solenoid or mechanical mechanism allowing the starter to spin up to speed before engaging with the ring gear....