Starter ISSUES!


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So I finally fixed my transmission issue on my 72 J2000. Now sometimes when I turn the key to start it, it winds out like the Bendix is spinning. Took the starter off and took it to two different auto parts stores and both said that the starter was good. So I bought the solenoid starter thinking that was the problem and I'm getting the same issue. Long story short I read online that if your flywheel has missing teeth, that this might happen. I checked my flywheel by turning it and did not find any missing teeth. I did notice some teeth wear on he flywheel. Not too bad though.... so I'm confused. Should I replace the starter 1st because of a possible worn shaft bushing causing the misalignment when it makes contact with the flywheel?
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jon coleman

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yes , alignments are important and defanantly wil cause a stuck ' on' starter, yrs back my toyota did same thing, it turned out last owner installed with wire loom bracket between trans& starter, just enough to bind.good luck cheking