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Starting order for the Pure “150” – Jan 26, 2019

The starting order below is based on the top 10 Overall finishers at the previous race in 2018. The names of the drivers are listed below, and we will fill-in their race numbers once they are registered and either take their “earned” race number for the 2019 season or ask for a different number for the year.
At the next race in February, we will then take the top 10 from the PURE “150” above and that will be the starting order for that February event.
1. Chris Blais #____ 12:00:00
2. Robert Nuckles # ____ 12:00:03
3. Charley Barney # ____ 12:01:00
4. Bradley Howe # ____ 12:01:30
5. Josh Meister # ____ 12:02:00
6. Josh Wakeland # ____ 12:02:30
7. Michael Pascarella # ____ 12:03:00
8. Christian Weber # ____ 12:03:30
9. Vern Raid # ____ 12:04:00
10. Davin Sullivan # ____ 12:04:30
All other racers will be assigned a starting order (by Class) based on a drawing to be done on Saturday before the Drivers/Navigators meeting. The next driver whose number will be drawn will start at 12:05:00!
Once again, there will be no pre-running of the course, however, every racer will be given a course map and the “kml” file that you can convert to your needs or accept our “.usr” file or the extension you will need for you GPS unit. This will be done once you have checked-in and signed all documents on Saturday morning. You can upload the course file when you bring your vehicle for “tech” inspection in the morning.
We will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.
REMEMBER: You must be signed up before race day and no later than the Friday before the event, by 6 p.m. Otherwise, you will pay an extra $100.00 as a “late fee” for your entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Also, if you wish to get a $50 discount on your entry you must sign up and pay for the entry 20 days I advance. In this case for the first event, you must have your entry in by January 6, 2019.
Hope to see many of you soon.

Lou Peralta