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!! State Parks meeting !!


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The following is from yesterday's (06-06) edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Wildlife conservation and trail access for equestrians, mountain bikers and four wheel drive enthusiasts are among the the issues that will be on the table tommorrow (06-07) at a public discussionof the future of the Anza-Borrego State Park. The meeting, one in a series sponsored by the Cal. State Parks, is intended to seek public comments as officals prepare a new general plan for managing the park. the meeting is scheduled from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Rio Vista Ballroom of the Marriot Hotel 8757 Rio San Diego Dr. in Mission Valley. State park officals hope to complete the plan by January 2003. Future meetings are scheduled for June 14 in Riverside and Oct. 17 in Borrego Springs. For more info call (619) 220-5300.

I realize this is short notice, I work nights and don't read the paper until 8 or 9 pm. after reading the threads on this site, I know a lot of you are working hard to protect our interests regarding the closing of land. I have no idea how many people are aware of this meeting in the S.D. area. But I would rather be safe in posting this, than sorry. If any of you up north of us have contacts in San Diego, PLEASE contact them and make them aware. This article was about 3" by 4" on the bottom of the page, If you blinked you would miss it. I'm sure the Ecos know of this and will be there to represent themselves. Pass the word if you can, and hopefully we can have some representation at this meeting. I'd hate to wake up and find out they have closed Ocotillo Wells or any other area. I need like many others, to have a place to go in this county when I finish my truck. Thanks.


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There are some peeps in SD that I'm sure are totally on top of this - but I will make sure by sending your information to them. Is the meeting today or was it last night?

Thanks for the heads up! This is how we get stuff done =-)

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The meeting is tonight, it starts at 6:30 pm. Hope your friends can make it.


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A report on the meeting last night as sent to me by the Land Use Director of CORVA

Last nite at the Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley SD was the site of the
second round of Anza Boreggo Desert State Park's General Plan meeting (The
1st round was last spring).

This was attended by over 100 folks, with the most of them being OHV &
Multiple Use Recreation. The largest showing group was the San Diego four
Wheelers 4x4 Club with approx. 40 people. What a great showing with active
particapation from the SD 4x4 club.

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see the direction that the folks
steering this plan want to go. Their idea is more & more resource protection
and lese & less recreation.

Eg. On the table is more wilderness that will consume all of the Riverside
County portion of the Park (45,000 acres) that comprises the Northern Half of
Coyote Canyon.

Also on the table is creating huge blocks of the remaining non-Wilderness
into Preserves. These areas are also the so-called Arc & Paleontology sites
that need protection.

This is the mechanism for creating more de-facto Wilderness, and these areas
just happen to be were there is no current Wilderness. What a strange
coincidence. Yeah right! Oh yeah, another coincidence is that one of these
blocks or Preserve Areas is Coyote Canyon all the way up to the Upper Willows.

This means that the only OHV opportunities in Coyote Canyon will be from the
Anza access or Turkey Track down to Bailey's Cabin. (There ya go. I smelt
this pile of BS getting ripe all the way from Anaheim).

Our community that resides in Riverside, San Bernardino, LA and Orange
Counties need to show and voice their visions over this plan <font color=yellow>next Thursday.</font color=yellow>

Where: The Sunkist Bldg. @ Cal State Citrus State Historic Park
9400 Dufferin, Riverside CA
(corner of Van Buren & Dufferin)

When: June 14th @ 6:30pm-9pm

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