On Topic Steens "Taco" Minibikes stories

There was the "22" with a solid rear axle and a 2.5 HP B&S 4-stroke, the "44" with a swingarm and jackshaft and a 3 HP B&S, and the "66", with a Mac? 2-stoke, IIRC.

I was lucky enough to have a "44" as my first motor bike, X-Mas 1967. Lived in a rural CA county, deputies just smiled and waved when I rode it a ways on blacktop to the Atlantic Richfield service station. It was a novelty.

I found I could just about fill the 3/4 gallon gas tank by simply draining each pump's hose into it. But still wore my arm out one day just 50 yards away trying to pull-start it before I realized I had run it dry. :oops:

It was lots of fun, especially once I realized how to disconnect the governor...that single speed, centrifugally-clutched mini would smoke the 3-spd semi-auto Honda Mini-Trail 50 bikes that came out about a year later, until we hit the deep sand...

Tell us about your Taco Minibike experiences!