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Steering wheel help

I bought a new steering wheel for my 96 Ford Bronco.. I am not sure what I need to buy to use it.. I will need an adaptor and spacer.. But what one?? The steering wheel is a Sparco, the same bolt pattern as a momo.. Please help. I would like to get this airbag off and this thing bolted up today... I called Kartek this morning but they were not sure about fords.. Thanks in advance.


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Momo makes adapters for just about every car. But not too sure where you can find one. Try looking for the adapter on ebay.



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If you're using the factory steering column, the adapter from Saleen will work. I dunno about them being open on Sundays though. I have used a couple on 5.Blow Mustangs over the years, and they work well. If you have a 3/8 impact, and a steering wheel puller, you're in business. A gear or balancer puller should work as well.


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Take the airbag fuse out before you pop it in your face while pulling it! I will follow up on the adapter too.


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We carry MOMO and Sparco wheels in stock. The popular adapter is from MOMO. Be careful they make 2 for your Bronco. One is $49 and the other is $89. Call me on Monday and I will look into it for you.


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Yeah watch out for the popping air bag. It will scare the @%&# out of you if it goes off!!! Hold on to it after the new one is installed. Those things are worth about $1500.00 if they havent blown up yet last I heard. It may put some $$$$ in your pocket if the right person comes along.

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Jerry whats the difference in adaptors.. It seems to me they would both do the same thing.. Why the price gap?? I am going to Saleen at lunch to check out theres..
Kritter just sent me a link to bakerprecision.com and they have the adaptors for $59 I will get mine in the morning. Thanks for everyones help.