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Stock Chevy LS engine


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My 2005 Chevy with the 5.3 is now up to 220k miles and still running strong. It's always been well taken care of, I recently bought it from my cousin who was the original owner. My question is how long can I expect to run this engine before I experience a major breakdown? It's never been rebuilt. Should I go through and rebuild or drop a new engine in or run it until it blows? I tend to lean toward if it ain't broke don't fix it. I just wonder if a big failure is sneaking up on me soon.

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A women I know that operates an escort service put over 350K, maybe over 400, on hers before dropping in a long block.

She escorts Wide Loads, that kinda escort.

Might be a 5.7...

Another guy has around 300 on his 5.3 4WD Avalanche and he tows with it.

He says his oil pressure is not what it used to be but keeps putting off replacing the engine, even though he has a fresh 6.0.

Good luck!
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You can expect one of the rollers on a lifter to call it quits, or if it has active fuel management one of the active lifters will collapse that's when you rebuild.:)

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I have an '02 5.3L with just over 390,000, still runs strong. Nothing to worry about, on average these motors get pretty high miles. I picked mine up with 240K on it, and only engine work i've done is intake gaskets, tune up, sensor or 2, and change the oil. Quite a bit of heavy towing done with it too. Best damn vehicle I've ever owned, not bad considering that # is around 30.