stock connectors


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so my truck being 18 years old now.. as i take things apart obviously the clips and connectors break from time to time. My question is where do you find the replacement plugs? I.e. fuel injector, coil controls, MAF. Not pigtail type, I don't want to solder and make another possible failure point. Id rather rebuild the connector like new. Thank you


GM uses a lot of metri-pack connectors, can get them from del city or waytek wire. Maybe others can chime in on other makes.

g king

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ford doesnt like for you the general public to get there connectors. You can go to the dealer and buy one of there pigtails, that already have wires attached, but you will have a very hard time getting the bare terminals and shells. Injector plugs are easy to get, but that is about all. Good luck on your search.