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stock toy 2wd arms


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Yea, I am sad to tell ya the timex skipped a beat, Thought I had bad bushings, Tore it apart and it was bent. Think Chuck's house killed it. Felt funny while marking the Kartek and calif 200 courses (200 plus miles of driving off road and several weeks after) Working on some longer (reinforced arms) but my budget is making the progress slow. But this steps it up a little. I will be GLAD to accept any R&D work from willing shops. Dan Vance can test Fords, and I'll do Toyotas. I put the arm back on by the way............................................WHTIE TRASH RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i happened to be scouring the wrecking yards last week, and i found a toy similar to our year (mine's an 88) with a complete front end. ecology on beach/ball, if you're in need, and it's still there...i didn't find what i needed, (stock fuel filler neck) but maybe that toy can be of use to someone, huh??
picture is of my baby, with a little mdr dirt on her....her name is kayla by the way, after a favorite stripper......


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Wow Pat, thats some messed-up stuff you got there. Drop those arms off at the shop and I'll weld 'em up asap.



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hey pat let me knowif you want i can get you that a arm for free we have some junked cars and trucks at some places and i can get it for you as soon as possible if you let me know

its not speeding unless its a triple digit


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Hey Pat, that looks so familar, I have a 94 toy and my arms were so bent that it destroyed the bushings and actually dug into the crossmember. The arms themselves cracked because they twisted so much. I put stock arms that were plated with downey gussets and it has been great so far. Good luck with your new arms.