Stock utv rally sportsman class

I haven't tried the LeadNav. I actually have the setup for it, but just run the Lowrance by itself. I have been told, the Ipad can be difficult to see in the daylight and unless you're "pre-running" to take advantage of marking all of the turns/dangers/whatever else you want to mark, then it's no better than using a Lowrance GPS. Again, I have no experience actually using the LeadNav, just what I've been told. I really have no complaints with just using the Lowrance...knock on wood. Whatever system you end up using, is only as good as who is sitting in the passenger seat.
I have the benefit of actually having passenger set experience as well and can agree that the iPad screen can be more difficult to see during the day. I actually plan on making a bit of a shield for mine to help reduce the glare overall. The lack of pre-running is also a bummer as well as we had wanted to pre-run our first/only AVE race, but it was not allowed. So the only notes we made were based on the sharpness of the turn, or areas where the course crossed itself (sketchy). I'm not sure if that was specific to that race or not though.


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Started 19th finished 18th (Pro Turbo). Gave up about 12 minutes on first fuel stop, co driver had a little issue so we had to swap out and adjust the belts for his replacement and backed off probably 10-15% on the third lap afraid I was going to tear up the front diff with the course having gotten so rough....... should have just stayed in the throttle. This was my first time racing in a UTV, aside from a short D38 race I did in December for a little seat time so I can't complain. The car is dialed, just need more time behind the wheel. Prior to this I'd never even ridden in a SXS much less raced one. Turns out they're a blast!
I just double checked, just to be accurate I started 20th finished 19th, been 4 months, I have trouble remembering 4 weeks ago !!!! Anyway yeah it was great to get a finish, especially a finish higher than where we started. Shoulda-coulda-woulda been a few places higher if not for the issue and my being cautious on the last lap (that's what happens when you drive it like you have to pay to fix it LOL) but no one or nothing to put that on but the guy behind the wheel.


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does bitd still Make you go up on stage( top 3 in cls) at awards ceremony, and stick a mike in your hand , aaa aah , bla , aaaaaa''', ( more scared looking out over a thousand racers& family& friends than the race,and seeing all the pros Looking at Me,,,,aaaAAA:eek:
Not sure JC, in the past we never stuck around for the awards, usually headed home or to the campfire for a few drinks with the crew. I can tell you at the drivers meeting this year at Parker 250, they had all the podium finishers from the Friday youth and short course race up to the stage prior to the start of the drivers meeting for their awards and a few words.


it was a surprise for me & my co driver, im gladd, if i woulda known, i probably woulda gotten sick.....
Yea I bet I would have been the same way, we did not even know till the day after but woulda been nice to get a few pics with a trophy with codriver and the people that help me out. Asked how we did before we got on the podium where we sat for probably 30 min and they just kept saying “well you finished”. So we headed back to pit to have dinner and some drinks. Then find out we got third and 17 min ahead of 4th place.