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Jun 7, 2005
Alpine, CA
I was sent this e-mail over the weekend-

Please help. I live in Yucca Valley, but am currently based out of Camp Pendleton, because I'm training with a new team for my third Iraq deployment. I raced the D37 Shamrock MC race with my TRX-700xx on 13 Sep 09 and then headed straight to Camp Del Mar, with the intent of going straight to the D37 Daisies MC race the following weekend. On Friday, 18 Sep 09, when I left in the A.M. to go to Arabic language class, my trailer was in the parking lot of the lodging facility that I'm staying in, but was gone when I came back at lunch... about a 4 hour window. I never opened the trailer during the week I was here, so no one could have really "known" what was in the trailer, but probably would have guessed it to be a race bike (vice a quad), because of the stickers/logos. Whom ever stole it may have expected a bike and is now unsure how to move this quad. My hope is that the police pick it up before it's raped, whether they figure out who took it or not. It is most likely that s!
omeone did take the time to scope out the trailer though, because they were not able to just drive up and drop the hitch on a truck. They either had to hang it from the chains with the hitch below the bumper or use a wrecker/flat bed, since the tongue was double locked. I've checked with several of the local recovery services, but none of them claim to have seen anything.

I'm sure this seems like an odd request, but if you could please pass the word to be on the lookout for my TRX-700xx and/or trailer, I would really appreciate it. After winning my first two desert races that I competed in, this uninsured loss of about $28,000, all combined, has pretty much ended my race career, as I just no longer have the funds to start over. Please check out my Loopd site and get additional pics, info and a flyer I made at: . I'm sure my quad is not up to speed with what you race on, but I've put about $5000 in upgrades and still owe on the original purchase (there is a list of the upgrades on my site under the "About" tab).

Thank you and keep the wheels down.

David L. Ogden Jr
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Sep 22, 2007
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Wow, this sucks. I have stayed at Camp Del Mar several times on base and this realy surprises me. I realy hope it wasn't a fellow service person that took this. It is hard to believe a civilian contractor or guest would have the balls to do this on base. Seeing as how it was on a federal base, does it make the theft a federal offense?


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Aug 12, 2003
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From his Looped page.


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